Monday, March 3, 2014

Rain, Sick, Miracles--I love being a missionary of Jesus Christ!

March 3, 2014

This week has been pretty interesting.  We had a lot go on. 
Monday, Sister Bingham tried fast food for the first time!! So, Sister Bingham has a few allergies.  Like deathly allergies.  She is allergic to milk, eggs, and nuts.  So she has never been to a fast food restaurant (besided subway) because she couldn't see what they were doing or how clean their grills are.  Well, there is a family in our ward, the M...., who their daughter has the same allergies as sister bingham, plus a little more.  And they have been to In n Out with their daughter.  Apparently at In n Out, you can tell them that you have allergies, and they will call out to the line that they have an allergy coming.  They then proceed to clean the grill completely and make the allergy friendly food!! So she had In n Out for the first time and she LOVED it!!! Also!! There is a sorbet at Yogurtland that does not have dairy either!  So now we know that there are plenty of other places out there that Sister Bingham can eat at!!!
Tuesday, I had the privilege of going with my companion and another family to Sizzler (they have a sizzler here!!!)  It was just as good as I remember it!!! I didn't think that I would miss it so much!! I do miss it though:)
Thursday at choir, Brother Huntington did what he called "voicing the choir."  This is where you place different voices with similar tambre that will blend well together right next to each other and you put some voices in the center and some on the edges so that the entire choir blends better.  It is amazing what a little tweaking can do!! We sound good together, but after the voicing, we sound AMAZING!! It is fascinating how a little change can make a big difference!
Friday and Saturday, Sister Bingham and I were both sick.  And it RAINED!!!!! All of Both days!!!!! I did not know that I had missed the clouds! But apparently I did! It was marvelous!! Also, an answer to many prayers.  Last month on Fast Sunday, our stake, as well as all the other stakes in our mission and many other churches, all fasted and prayed that we would have rain.  We had had one of the worst droughts that California had seen in a long time! So finally our prayers were answered:)  It made everyone very happy and so thankful for the rain!
Sunday we had some amazing miracles!! We were able to pick up 2 new investigators who decided they should go to church!! And they are in our ward!! It was amazing to see how much the Lord can bless us!! We were sitting there thinking, "What did we do to deserve such blessings?"  Sometimes, we don't have to do anything, sometimes the Lord blesses us.  And He uses us to bless others.  I can't believe that this is happening, but it is!!! I love it so much!!
Well, that has been our week!! Hope you have a wonderful, spiritual week!!
Today's scripture, John 17:22-23.  We must be one!
Love you all!!
Sister Kayla Haws

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