Thursday, March 19, 2015


March 2, 2015

And with that, I am down to my last 48 hours.  It is so weird to think that I was a missionary for so long! It feels like yesterday, I was anticipating my call and wondering where I would serve, then being trained, then going home because i broke my elbow, then serving with the wonderful missionaries in St. Michaels and Window Rock and Fort Defiance.  it feels like yesterday I returned to my mission and helped train a great sister!  I feel like I just started, and now it's all over.  I have loved every minute of the service of the Lord.  One thing I have learned as a missionary is that if you let it, life will pass you by.  So, whenever you feel like life is too fast, SLOW DOWN!!! Take time to enjoy the simple, mundane things! Take time to smell the roses, to see the beauty of the simplicity, to see the miracles in your life! If you are too caught up in life, you will miss it! 

I know that God lives.  He is in the details of our lives, especially as a missionary.  He loves each and every one of us.  He is there to help you.  I know that the Book of Mormon is true.  It is the greatest tool to bring in the spirit.  It is one of your strongest weapons against Satan.  Read it every day!
I love you all! I will see some of you really soon! I love being a missionary!

Still Sister Haws

SINGLE DIGITS?!?!?!?!?!?! REALLY?????

February 23, 2015

Ya, 9 days.... Gross....  That is so weird to think about.  And good, and scary, and sad and everything else you can think of!
This week has been a little boring.  I cut my hair off... That was fun! 
Wednesday was zone conference and it was amazing! I got to see President, which is always amazing! We had some really good trainings and talked all about grace and working with less actives! So cool! Wish I was going to be here longer!
Not much else happened.  Sister gillins played in sacrament meeting yesterday because the organist was sick.  We sang Called to Serve.  Everyone keeps asking me about going home.  Life's good!
love you all!

Sister Haws

15 days, but who's counting???

February 17, 2015

I finally have come to grips with the fact that..... I really am coming home.  But not until 15 days.  I still have 15 chances to change the world as a representative of Jesus Christ. :)  This week has been really good!  I have loved every day!  We had zone training meeting, and I had to give my testimony to the missionaries (it's tradition for those missionaries going home).  It was a really good zone training meeting. I love my zone leaders.  They are amazing! They have so much love and are so inspired!
So, I had some funny run ins with people who knew people I know this week! Sunday we have the temple booth, and there was a guy from Australia there with his wife.  He asked us where we were from.  I said that I was from New Mexico, and he asked where so I said Gallup.  He said his trainer was from there.  It was David Young.  His name was Blaney.  You should find a way to tell david! he seemed really nice and loved David.

The other one happened today.  I met a family from Winslow.  They said that their favorite missionary was Elder Munns! It was really cool to have a little bit of home this weekend when I have missed home so very much.

I have missed my family so much this week! We had stake conference this weekend, and Sister Gillins got to play the piano for that, which she did amazing!  Then the entire saturday night session was about missionary work and it was phenomenal!  Elder Mills and Elder McGary, missionaries in our zone talked about happiness and love in the work of the lord.  Then, after their remarks, President Nelson (who reminds me a lot of Neil Mortensen) showed a video of their families saying hello and how much they love them! It was so beautiful! I missed my family so much in that moment.  I felt like I was watching Survivor, you know the time when they get the video of their family saying how much they love them and how much they miss them?  Ya, needless to say I cried.  I can't wait to see my family. Everyone keeps asking me what the first thing is that I'm going to do when I get home, and honestly, I haven't thought past hanging out with my family and hugging them... I don't really want anything else right now... and that's ok:)
La came to the Sunday conference, and it was EVERYTHING that she needed to get the encouragement to continue on and continue to work on her addiction. I am so happy that she was there because it was perfect. I think it was the spiritual awakening that she needed. I love her so much! I am so glad for the progress that she is making! I will miss her, along with the South Coast ward!
Guys, missionary work is the best.  Family is the best.  God is the best.  The Gospel is true.  The Book of Mormon is the guide to life, the TRUE hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy!  I love you all! I love the work! I love my mission.  I love home,  but I love California so much.  I think I'm going to always be a cali girl at heart because of my mission:)
Have a great week everyone! Try to make someone's day, every day!

Still Sister Haws

Is ANYONE home??? Anyone???

February 9

This week has been a little rough, what with everyone cancelling or forgetting to be home for appointments.  I swear this week was the time that everyone got together and decided, "Hey, let's pull a joke on the missionaries!  Let's NOT be home, let's cancel all our dinner appointments!"  Just kidding.  Everyone has been sick and super busy, so we totally understand:)  I love this ward, I love this work, and I even love when there's nothing going on...

I did get to go on an amazing exchange with Sister Given! That was really fun! We walked for like 2 hours in her area, finding less active members and talking to non members on the street.  I think I almost died then.  I haven't walked that much in a long time! And I got a little sunburned... No suprise there... We got to help a lady, Betty, take a lamp out of her car and were able to talk to her for a little while. I think Sister Given and Sister Blair might go visit her again. She was really sweet. We also got to teach an active member, and went to an etiquette dinner! The tips Sister Orgill gave us at the zone conference in June really came in handy at that moment! It was awesome:)

We got to go on exchanges with Sister Harrison while Sister Poulsen went with Sister Simms. That was fun as well. We got to see a less active lady, Laura, who was amazing and had such an amazing testimony! She hasn't been to church for a while because of her health, and she smokes, but she is amazing and we hope to see her again soon!

We got to start reading the Book of Mormon with Quinn this week. He was really excited and seems to really enjoy the book of Mormon. We are really glad he is progressing. We talked with him a lot about missions as well and how much he can change the world and how much the work would bless him. I hope he serves a mission. I love the kid a lot! He has a testimony, he just needs to put it in action!

We met a new lady, Alicia, in the park on Saturday, that was really cool! She took a Book of Mormon and said she would read it. We are hoping to see her again.

Have a great week everyone! Keep smiling! Keep the faith and Keep trucking on!

Sister Haws

Sunday, February 8, 2015

I'm Not Dead Yet!!!

February 2, 2015

I'm just mostly dead!! This week has been really good, and REALLY tiring! I am so tired all the time!! I can't believe how tired I am! I guess that's how a lot of missionaries feel when they get home though, so I guess that makes sense......
This week has been fabulous!! Here are some of the highlights:)
We had an amazing start of the week with a Recent Convert, Janet, who has a non member husband and a non member daughter. Both her husband and her daughter were there for part of the dinner with us and the elders on Monday, and her husband AGAIN came to church this week! It was a miracle, because she didn't think he'd come to church this week because of the Super Bowl. See, the good thing about 9:00 church, is that people can come to church and then they can still make it home to watch the game if they so choose!  GENIUS!!!

Tuesday we got to see Corina, a recently returning member, and were able to help her feel uplifted and loved. She is an amazing woman and needs to know that she is loved and to continue to help her with reading the Book of Mormon with her husband. We also got to help the College Park elders with a painting project in their area and it was awesome:) We love doing service!

Wednesday we had an AMAZING district meeting full of the Spirit. I love Elder Dominic as a district leader! He is so loving and so humble! I feel like he really cares about the members of his district. He is a great example of charity. We were also able to go to ARP with La again, and it was amazing for her! She was really uplifted and felt blessed by the words that were spoken in that meeting. I love ARP. It is an inspired program of love and the atonement. I love it so much!

Thursday we were able to have Elizabeth Gregory with us for the day (she's preparing to serve a mission). We were able to help her see the beauty and the work of missionary work. Not everything went exactly as planned (which is how it seems to go when you're expecting something to happen because someone is there with you), but it was a good day, nonetheless. We had a lesson with Diana again, and she has decided to push her baptismal date back. She felt pressured, and we didn't want her to feel that. She was very honest and open with us, so that was really good. We are glad that she still wants to progress and learn more about her Savior.

Friday was a really busy day full of appointments We were able to weekly plan a little bit, as well as finally clean our car out. We were able to see a member, Hinano, that has asked us to help her and her children to understand the Book of Mormon and to read it with them. I am excited to continue to work with them and continue to study the Book of Mormon in depth so that they can understand it as well. I love the Book of Mormon, and i am so glad that we are reading it again as a mission. I feel so unified with the mission, and Sister Gillins as I read every day. I love that book and I know that I have changed from it.

Saturday, I got to go on exchanges with Sisters Hall and Fetui. They are so amazing and we had amazing lessons with them! I love them and am glad I had the opportunity to learn from them and to share the day with them. I am glad that Sister Gillins was able to go with Sister Simms. I know that it was an amazing experience for her:) I love her.

After our exchange, La called us, and said that her ex was able to take us to the LA temple and that we would still be able to go. We had an amazing opportunity! I love the temple, and not having temple tours this week left me feeling a little bit empty inside. I didn't know that I was feeling that way, until we got to the temple, and the gap in my heart was filled. I was so overwhelmed with the Spirit, and I knew that this was the Lord's house. This was his holy edifice, and I could feel the Spirit so strongly testifying that to me. I know that temples are important, and I am so happy that I was able to have that opportunity. We had an amazing experience with La that we wouldn't have had otherwise. I love her, and know that she needed the strength and uplifting as much as I did.

Sunday, like I said, Jack (Janet's husband) came to church. La and Beverly bore their testimonies and it was really powerful. I love this ward with all my heart. We were able to have a lesson with Steven, and help him to remember the events of the Restoration. I love seeing Steven grow and learn in the gospel. We were then able to have temple tours! YAY! We were so happy! I cannot express how much I love the temple! I love it with all my heart.
I love you all!! I hope you have a great week!! Remember to not let your time fly by you, because it will if you let it!! I love this work and am so thankful for the time I have to serve!
Have a great week!
Still living Sister Haws


January 20, 2015
*Cue music*
We're serving together!!! It's the final Transfer!
And As you can see from the musical awesomeness of Sister Haws, I am in my final transfer! I cannot believe that it has finally come!! I have 6 weeks and then I am a normal person again!!!
And since I know that you are all dying to know what my transfer news is, I'll tell you a little about my week!
Sister Gillins and I had a super fun week! We had temple tours, we had an amazing fireside, and we had awesome miracles!!
Monday was p-day, and we had dinner with the Bishop and his family! (don't stop believin')
Tuesday we had temple tours, and that was always good.  We also started practicing a song for transfers, since Sister Putnam is going home tomorrow. (another one bites the dust). and I'm a Jukebox Hero!
Wednesday we had temple tours and I almost froze! Then we went to Addiction Recovery Program meeting with a less active in our ward. (we just LET IT GO!!!) Sister Gillins that night asked me what happens when a missionary gets released.  I didn't quite know how to answer that, since I don't know, but I cried a little thinking about it, and about having to take my nametag off.  I am so lucky to be able to wear my nametag everyday, with my Saviors name upon my heart.
Thursday was our last district meeting of the transfer!! It was so weird to think about.  I love my district.  We are so unified and have so much fun and our meetings are always so spiritual.  I cried that day too.  I don't know what's happening?!?!?! I also got to go on an exchange with Hermana Bullough.  She is a sweet heart and I love her a lot! She was able to tell me things that I needed to hear and to see what I needed to see.  We had a really spiritual lesson with Quin and that was awesome! I love that kid!
Friday was weekly planning and we practiced again. we also taught Manny with the Spanish elders.  They are amazing! I love working with them!
Saturday we had the Book of Mormon read that we have every week and that was awesome! I love it that we can eat food, read, and discuss the scriptures.  We had dinner with La that was a little awkward since they had the TV outside and were watching a movie, and we were inside...
then were transfer calls......  And Sister Gillins and I are staying in South Coast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so beyond happy that I get to stay in this ward for my last transfer with the Sister that I love so dearly! It will be 9 months in one ward!
Sunday was really good! We were able to go to church and partake of the sacrament.  I love the sacrament and the opportunity we have to remember our Savior and his Atonement.  Then we had temple tours again, and we actually gave 3 tours that day!! YAY!  Then we were able to go to an amazing fireside.  Do you remember in October how I told y'all about a movie called, "Meet the Mormons"?  Well, on Sunday, one of the families portrayed in that movie, the Armstrongs (the missionary mom) came and gave a fireside.  It was absolutely amazing! I loved every minute of it! And I got to see Sister Andersen again! I miss her a lot, so that was really cool!
I love you all! I feel a little weird sometimes thinking about going home.  It's like getting to the end of a really good book that you don't want to end.  You can feel the pages thinning, and you know exactly how many pages there are to the end.  You want to keep reading to see what unfolds in the story, but you don't want the story to end.  You know that, once you read that page, it's over, and it's one step closer to finishing.  Before you know it, you're on the last page, and soon, you've reached those final words... "The End."
I cannot believe how fast time flies! I love you all! have a fantastic week!
Sister Haws

Sometimes, good things must end.....‏

January 12, 2015

And the good thing in this email that has ended is......................................... Choir.  I am a little heart broken because something that is so big in my mission is gone.  President announced it this week during a choir luncheon.  It was with a very heavy heart that he said it because of the great things that it has done.  It also is hard because many missions have asked to form a choir because of us, but Mission Department has encouraged them to not form one, and for us to end our choir.  So here are some of the thoughts that I have had about choir lately...
"Sometimes music can convey the words in our hearts that we can't in any other way because it reaches into our subconscious and taps into the eternal stuff we are made of to remind us where we came from and who we are." This is something I said to Sister Gillins on Thursday while we were talking about choir. The choir has changed my life and shaped me to be who I am today. Let me explain.

On September 3, 2013, I entered the California Irvine Mission, only the 2nd group to do so. I thought this was just like any other mission, with unique things just like any other. As I went into my first interview with President, I knew I was going to love him and serving with him, and what came out of his mouth shortly thereafter confirmed that.

"Sister Haws, it says here that you enjoy singing. Are you very good?" He asked me. "Well, I believe so. I sure love to sing." I replied, not sure where he were going with this question. "Well, you will be pleased to know that we will be creating a choir soon."

And that was that. Then, on September 17th, the very first choir practice was held. And we picked songs, I became the assistant Choir director. THAT was humbling. I have never felt so useless, so hopeless, or so afraid. However, I have never felt so supported, so loved and so humbled in all my life. I learned to trust God, trust myself, stand up for myself, and conduct a choir with confidence. It turned out quite good. It helped me realize that I needed to change my major when I return home. It also helped me on my slow path to self-confidence. Some other experiences helped me realized my self confidence and my divine nature.

In my life, I have sung "I am a Child of God" since I could talk. I have sung "Come Thou Fount" since I sang it the very first time when I was 7 and sang it at a 9/11 memorial service in church. However, not until I sang these hymns with the choir did they mean much to me.

It was in January. Elder Risk told us how much he loved the ward that we were singing in that day and the power he felt when we had sung "Come Thou Fount a few weeks prior. He told us what that song meant to him. I had studied the words that week in personal study, and I was ready to sing and bear testimony. Nothing prepared me for that performance.

As we sang "I am a Child of God," I realized how true those words were. I, Sister Kayla Marie Haws, was indeed a child of God. The most powerful, supreme being in the universe, was my father. He knew me, He loved me, and He wanted me to know that. I felt his loving arms surround me that day. We followed that with "Come Thou Fount" and the last two verses blew me away:
"Here I raise my Ebenezer/ Hither by thy help I'm come. And I hope by thy good pleasure /safely to arrive at home. Prone to wander Lord I feel it! Prone to leave the God I love! Here's my heart, O take and seal it. Seal it for thy courts above.
Jesus sought me when a stranger, wandering from the fold of God. He to rescue me from danger, interposed His precious blood. Oh to grace, how great a debtor Daily I'm constrained to be! Let thy goodness, like a fetter bind my wandering heart to thee."

How powerful and true those words are! How much more powerful when they are combined with 80 voices of set-apart missionaries, a piano, and violin. Words fail to describe the feeling and spirit that accompanied that song. Those words became my testimony, and I knew why I sang them that day.

Because of the spirit of choir, I stayed on my mission. I didn't miss many times-even when I broke my elbow. I wanted to give up so many times, but the choir, and the Spirit I felt each week there kept me going in some of the toughest times of my life. When I broke my elbow, I still tried to sing. When I went home, I was devastated that I would not be able to participate during Easter. And then I got to come back.

When i returned, the choir had chosen to sing a well known hymn, "How Firm a Foundation." It was really nice. As we performed it for the Newport Stake Conference, I sang the last verse of this song: "The Soul that on Jesus hath leaned for repose, I will not, I cannot desert to his foes. That soul though all hell should endeavor to shake. I'll never, no NEVER forsake." And once again I was moved to tears. In that moment I realized what mattered in life. I don't have to worry about the Devil shaking me because I have the Savior to lean on. It, once again, became my testimony. And I got to share it with hundreds, including Helena and La. It was amazing!

So, when I say my heart broke when choir was disbanded, it was very true. So much of my mission is made of experiences from choir. So much of my testimony comes from these same experiences. I am eternally grateful to my Heavenly Father, and to you, for giving me this opportunity here on my mission. I am so blessed to have these experiences.

Now, this chapter of singing is over. It is time to obey willingly what God has said, and find new ways to serve my Lord through music. This chapter, this verse may be finished, but the book, the symphony is only beginning.

God knows us. He has a mission prepared specifically for us. he has a plan specifically mapped out for us. All we need to do us follow Him and trust in the guidance that He gives us. He sees so much more than we can glimpse, and His plan is so much better than we could even imagine.

I have a testimony of obedience. I know that this will be a trying time for some, but I know that it will be amazing and that God has a new plan for the California Irvine Mission. I am excited to see where this will take us.
Here is a scripture about singing.  Ether 6:9.  This is how I feel right now.  I can still sing.  And Sister Gillins and I were able to at a funeral on Saturday.  I love having a musical companion.  I am so blessed to have Sister Gillins at this time. 
Have a great week everyone! Keep singing for me!  Join your ward choir!!!
Sister Kayla Haws
you can buy Navajo Pride flour at our 99 cent store! Who knew I would have a little piece of home! I also made Frybread at Zone Meeting on Tuesday:)  I love fry bread!
sometimes companions like to match.  And sometimes it's totally on accident....

So..... Not what I expected‏

January 5, 2015

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!! I hope all of you have found the resolve to make new resolutions! Remember that Christ can help you to remember the resolutions and to feel comfort when we forget them. 
So, I am sick, but with sinusitis, not bronchitis.  I am going to get better! I'm not dead yet! I feel happy!!  (10 points to the person who gets that reference)
Not too much has happened this week.  I got to go on exchanges with cute Sister Lafleur back to Saddleback YSA! I got to see some amazing people when I was there! I love that ward so much!!
Manny Bore his testimony at Church! It was funny, we sat there telling him that he should go, then finally I told him I would go if he went.  Silly kid didn't know how easy it is for me to go up:)  But, he went, and bore a simple, heartfelt testimony:)
We had an amazing lesson on the Atonement in relief society this sunday, and the lady giving the lesson gave a great analogy for the Atonement.  She said, "The Atonement is a gift that you can use every single day, and even if you never use it, it is still yours."  How true that is.  I know that The Atonement is there to help us in everything that we do.  It is there to boost us, and fuel us to the next day.  I love my savior and know that I could do nothing without him.
I love you all! Have a great week!
Sister Kayla Haws


I got Bronchitis...... AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!!!‏

December 29, 2014

ALOHA FAMILIA!!!!!!  Yep, I just mixed languages...... It's how I roll!
So, remember how I said I had a cold last week?  Well.............  I think I got bronchitis.  Every time I tell people that, sister Gillins looks at me and says, "Ain't nobody got time for that!!" This is how I know we are long lost sisters....  So, I have been sick all week, but we still saw TONS of miracles and were able to see the beauty of life through CHRISTMAS!!!
Tuesday:  Not much really happened.  I was sick most of the day, but at night we went and taught a lesson to Diana.  I love her so much! In the middle of her lesson, Jarom (La's son) and Manny (Diana's brother) came and were trying to distract us, so I took boy duty, and told them scary stories and shared 2 kings 6:16 with them while Sister Gillins taught Diana.  I love those boys so much! They are so pure and innocent.  They are so funny too!  Reminds me of my brothers a lot!  And they tease me like them too!! Diana told Sister Gillins that she feels "proud of herself" when she prays about baptism, but doesn't know about a day.  We are seeing her tomorrow! Pray that she has a day by then!
Wednesday: CHRISTMAS EVE!!! In the morning, we had a zone breakfast! Elder Miller told us that our district was in charge of making eggs, so I got put on egg duty! They turned out really good if I do say so myself! I made 60 scrambled eggs for 30 people! That's a lot of eggs!  After that, we had an AMAZING district meeting.  I love my district! They are so in tune with the spirit, and we are all so unified! I love them so much.
That evening, La invited us over to eat Christmas Eve dinner and to read the Christmas story with the Spanish Elders.  They are so amazing! She is a really good cook! After we read the Christmas story, the spirit was really strong, and I didn't want that feeling to leave.  So, I asked La if there was anything that she wanted us to do, so she had the elders, us and her sing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus in Spanish, English and Samoan.  It was interesting, but the spirit was still really strong! Then we spent 10 minutes doing nothing but singing hymns and praising God and celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.  It was so amazing!
Thursday: CHRISTMAS!!! I didn't get a lot of presents, but what I got was perfect! I love it.  The greatest gifts were spending Christmas with one of my best friends, and seeing my family! I was able to tell my sister that I am coming home on March 4th, instead of missing her by 8 days! I think that was a bit of a suprise for her.  I got to talk to my beautiful brothers and my amazing parents as well.  I love my family so much! Times like this help me to remember how much my family is important to me and how much I love them! I am so blessed to have a family that is supportive and loving and that I can't think of eternity without thinking that they will be with me!  I love them so much!!
Saturday: We had Book of Mormon reading as usual, and then Sister Gillins and I got a haircut.  Well, multiple hairs cut.....  Mine doesn't look too different, more layers and shorter bangs.  Sister Gillins just added more layers and fixed her hair to not look like a grown out bob.  She looks beautiful!! 
Sunday:  We had a shortened, combined church meeting with the YSA ward because there weren't very many people in sacrament meeting! It was a little weird, but really nice. I love my ward!  After Church we went to do temple tours! I love them so much!  It is getting cold thoug, and that's weird.  Not too good for my cough, but whatevs...
I love you all so much!! Have a great week!!  Hope that all of  you have a wonderful new year of reflection and awesome resolutions!
Sister Haws
PS- Ether 6:2.  What do we have that lights our life and keeps us going in the dark?


December 22, 2014

Sorry, My email seems really repetitive, but we have had so much music this last week that I don't even know what to do with myself! Probably, just keep singing because that's all I really know how to do:)
We got to do temple tours, and it rained again this week! I love the rain, but it gets really cold, at least if you're me and don't have a lot of "winter" clothing because I'm in Cali, and, for some reason, Cali doesn't scream "WINTER" whenever I look at the word....  Maybe that's just me...
We have sung Wednesday through Saturday, and i love it so much, but my body doesn't really like it... I got a bit of a cold from singing so much and singing in the cold air.
Thursday we had our Christmas Party, and we were suprised with the presence of HAYDEN JACKSON!!! If you remember, he was the elder that we had to say goodbye to in the end of August, but he came back for the Christmas party!! I love that kid so much!! We had a talent show and I sang a song called Gethsemane.  If you go to the California Irvine mission facebook page, you will see a video of me singing, just in case you miss my singing.  We had a beatiful time, and Santa even showed up!!  I knew Santa was mormon!!
Friday we sang at the Laguna Niguel Chalk Walk.  It's this thing where artists in Orange County can buy a parking stall and decorate it with chalk.  There were some AMAZING artists there.  I sang a solo again, but not very many people heard it because it was outside and there wasn't a microphone.  Still good.  OH! Funny story!  So we were on risers here, and I was on the second riser.  For some reason, I lost my balance, and I was on the end of the riser.  I didn't fall off, but I almost did, and my first thought was "Well, there goes my OTHER elbow!"  Funny times!  I promise I'm trying to be safe!
Saturday was spent serving and setting up for the Christmas Party for our ward!  Since my arm is still out of commission, I wasn't able to set up the tables (though I tried....), so they put me in charge of the decoration part and bossing everyone around.  I think I really liked that job!!  The party turned out really nicely! There was a pretty good turn out, and Sister Gillins and I did a song.  She played Breath of Heaven while i sang.  She also did a duet with Elder Rivera, and played the piano for a lady in our ward who sang Oh Holy Night! It was great!!
I turned 16 months yesterday, and I cannot even believe that i am this old in the mission!! Most days it feels as though I have only been here for a week, and I just got off the plane.  I love this work so much!!
Make sure to look at the He is the Gift website at! I love you all and hope you have a VERY Merry Christmas!
Sister Haws


The best way to spread Christmas Cheer, is singing LOUD for all to hear!

December 15, 2014
This week was crazy and full of singing, hence the title of this beautiful email!
Tuesday we had transfers, and we got elders!! We said goodbye to a lot of missionaries, including my trainers, Sister Carlson and Sister Oswald.
Wednesday went to choir, and as I was getting out of the bathroom, the stupid doorknob came out and attacked my elbow.  yes the bad one...  It was not fun...
Thursday was spent recovering, and showing the elders around the area.  We taught Quinn, who is awesome!
Friday and Saturday we got to sing at this thing called Follow The Star in RSM.  It was really neat.  They have a live nativity, and thousands of Nativities from across the world.  We sang a lot, and I even sang a solo.
Sunday we went to church and had to give the Relief Society lesson.  Good thing it was on Proclaiming the Gospel.  It was really cool.  I love the Spirit.  It helps us when we really need it!
After Church, we went all the way down to San Clemente and were able to sing in their big Interfaith concert.  It was absolutely amazing! The spirit helped us so much, and we were able to touch a lot of hearts with our music.  Also, we got to sing the Hallelujah Chorus again, and that was AWESOME!!! I love learning hard pieces and working with them!
God is real! I love him a lot!  Sharing the gift this week was really awesome!
I love you all! Have a great week!
Sister Kayla Haws
​It rained again! I love the rain! God really does California!

Elder Bickmore, one of the Spanish elders in Anaheim got transferred. We are so sad:(

Transfers again????????????????????????????????

December 8, 2014

Well, it's that time again! Transfers has come upon the land of Irvine once again.  The hearts of the missionaries have been touched and the call has been issued.  There have been some that have had weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth.  There has been some that have had much rejoicing.  Where am I in this picture??????  GUESS!!!!!


Just kidding!!! I have had much rejoicing! Sister Gillins and I are staying together! The dream team has another 6 weeks to be AWESOME!  This will be my 5th transfer in this area.  I love the South Coast ward.  I love this so much and I am so excited to continue in this ward and to be able to serve during CHRISTMAS!!!!!

This week has been a week full of music and getting in the spirit of Christmas.  We have been able to go to 2 interfaith concerts for the Choir--one in Laguna Beach and one in Aliso Viejo.  We sang so many songs, and in Laguna Beach, I got to be a Wise Man! That was fun!  And I got to sing a solo there, that I wasn't expecting.  That was interesting.  In Aliso Viejo, we sang at the Soka University concert.  That was really fun! I love singing in a concert hall and serving the Lord and testifying of what is right and true!

I love this ward! I love it with all my heart! 

Have a great week everyone!

Sister Kayla Haws

Turkey!! And Pasole? And a baptism!‏

December 1, 2014
Happy December everyone!! Can you believe that it is already the last month of this crazy year?? I can't!
Not much exciting happened at the beginning of the week. I took yet another friend/companion to Ikea for her first time. It was awesome! We had a blast!
Wednesday, we had a special mission conference.  The chaplain on Camp Pendleton Marine Base, Chaplain Adams, came and talked to us. He is a Seventh Day Adventist, and he had some great insight.  He loves the members of our church, and he loves serving the Lord.  I found a fellow servant in him, and it was really nice to hear his insight.  He knew a lot about our religion.  The elders stationed in Camp Pendleton have helped him out a lot and he has the deepest respect for them.  They are great elders as well.  He talked all about how mission is about sharing; sharing our message, sharing love, and sharing what we have.  He talked about how a mission is not about you, how it is about the people, and how a mission is for the glory of God, not you!  It was really cool! I love hearing what other people have to say. It proves that each church has some truth in it, and that there are true seekers here.  I love this work so much!!
Thursday, all the fun happened! We had district meeting where Elder Miller asked Helena to speak to us about her conversion and how we can be more successful with our investigators.  She did so good! I love her with all my heart! Then, since we had to sing with the elders for Manny's baptism (more on that later), we went to the church and practiced. Sister Gillins is the most awesomest person ever!!! She plays the piano like a boss! It was so fun!  Then, we went with the Sisters, the Spanish Elders, and us, to La's house! We had so much fun!  La made turkey, ham, stuffing, potatoe salad, ribs, and stuffing; and Manny's mother made Pasole!! It was so good! Probably the best pasole I have ever had! I loved it a lot.  I love food so much!
Friday, we had practice with the Elders again, but before that, we had a blitz in the Mesa View ward.  I got to go on exchanges with Sister Cottle for that and it was so fun! She helped me be ok with going home, and put everything in perspective.  She helped me to feel loved, and it was great!
Saturday, we were in charge of the book of Mormon reading that normally happens, but no one showed up, so we practiced a little, before going to get lunch.  After lunch we helped a less active to feel better.  Then we had MANNY'S Baptism!!!!! It was so cool! I love that kid so much! The program ended up awesome! There weren't many people there, because aparently no one knew about it, but it was perfect.  The song we sang was awesome! The elders did amazing, and so did Sister Gillins! I love having a musical companion! it's the best!  La and her son, Jarom gave AWESOME talks, and he was so happy! After his baptism, we went to eat Tamales that his mother made! They were SO GOOD!!!! I love mexican food!! It makes me really happy to serve in such an awesome ward.
Sunday morning, we got a call from the Sisters, and they asked us a favor.  Sister Cottle was supposed to give a talk, but she found out she had to go to a meeting in Irvine, so she asked if I could give a talk on Gratitude.  I didn't know that I was speaking, and I had about an hour to prepare it, but it turned out pretty well! I prayed really hard for the spirit to help me know what to say, so that worked really well.  I know that the Spirit is real, and that God does give us strength in the times that we need it.  I love God so much!!
I love this work! I love seeing people make covenants and changing their lives! I love seeing people follow their Savior Jesus Christ.  I love seeing families change because one person decides to change.  I love being a missionary!! I love you all so much!!
This week, look up the awesome video found on It will bring you to know just why we celebrate Christmas!
I love you all! Have a great week! Remember to remember the reason for this Christmas season! Watch the beautiful Christmas devotional for me, since I can't!
Sister Kayla Haws

Helena's mother, Bessie, crocheted me a blanket!! It's my favorite color and it is so flipping beautiful and warm!! I love her so much!!

24's! Baptisms, and Amazing Awesomeness!‏

November 24, 2014
So this week was full of amazing awesomeness, as it says in my subject line!
Tuesday, we had our district meeting, where Sister Gillins and I had to do a training on the Book of Mormon and how we can better use it in our missionary life.  It was amazing and the spirit was really helping us along in that training! I love her so much! And I love that we were able to work together for that!  I have such a strong testimony of the book of Mormon that it was really cool to share that with the members of my district.  Then we had a missionary conference, and we learned about the Christmas awesomeness that is called "He is the Gift."  It is all about helping us to feel of God's love and remember why really have Christmas.  To learn more, check out  Super amazing!  That night we also picked up Diana, Manny's sister, as an investigator!
Wednesday we had temple tours and got to help Katina, a recent convert from Westpark continue to settle in to her new apartment.
Thursday was 24s exchanges.  I have talked about them before because this is the 3rd time we have done them.  This time, as with the other 2, I stayed in my area.  I was with Sister Murphy and Hermana Williams.  It was an amazing experience! I was able to share my time with some amazing sisters.  Hermana Williams has only been out in the field for 10 weeks, and she went to the Mexico MTC, so that was cool.  As we were contacting, I got to introduce myself as Hermana Haws, and it made me think of Ashley!  Shout out to the COOLEST sister in the world!! Hermana in 5 months!!
Friday we returned with our companions.  Can I just say how grateful I am for having a companion that I love so much that I miss her! I missed working with her, talking with her, singing with her, praying with her, serving with her, teaching with her.  I love exchanges, and there are a lot of miracles that come from it, but there is power in working with the person that you have been assigned to work with ever day.  There are reasons we are with our companions, and the Spirit testified that to me this week!  That night we taught Diana, and she accepted baptism!!! I am so excited for her and to see her progress!!
Saturday we were able to go with Manny to his baptismal interview, and he PASSED!!  He is getting baptized this Saturday!!
Sunday was great, full of singing with the Choir, and seeing members of the Dana Point ward that I haven't seen for a year and be able to say hi to them! I love them a lot! they are a good ward!  We also got to sing at an Episcapol church for an interfaith conference.  It is so amazing to be able to share my testimony that "I Believe in Christ" and "How Firm a Foundation", to sing "Amazing Grace" while being accompanied by the bagpipes, to hear other people and the songs that they sing, to hear scriptures that are used in our church as well as theirs.  It was an amazing experience!  I love music!!
This week is so amazing! I am so excited for Thanksgiving! Let us all remember why we celebrate Thanksgiving, and show our gratitude to those that matter most to us.  I sure am grateful for every single one of you, and the impact that you have made in my life.  Thank you for all the prayers and love that you show to me every week!
Have a great week!! Eat lots of turkey, and watch a football game for me!
Sister Kayla Haws
These were taken at the temple tour meeting that all the temple sisters went on last week!

Singing, Mission calls, and awesomeness!‏

November 17, 2014
This week has been really cool!! I love serving in South Coast!!

On Tuesday we were able to go to the temple again! I love that place so much!! I just love the insights we receive and the spirit that is felt there more than anywhere else!  After that, we had temple tours and we didn't have anyone show up, but we were able to make up a story with the sisters that were there with us! That was fun!
Wednesday we had our Zone Training Meeting and it was awesome! We went to choir and started singing Christmas songs!!! The season is upon us!! I am so happy!  We went to temple tours and froze our toes off!! I must really be acclimated to this coastal weather, because it was torture, and it was only 65 with a slight wind chill.  I'm such a wimp!!
Thursday, Friday and Saturday were spent most of the day practicing for some songs that Sister Gillins had to play: "I know that my redeemer lives," for me for sacrament meeting, and "Savior, Redeemer of my soul" for another missionary to sing at a baptism.  It was really amazing. She is such a talented missionary!! I can't even handle it how awesome she is!!
Friday we were able to have a meeting with all the temple sisters, and it was nice to get insight from them on how to do better with the tours.  I love it so much!!
Saturday we had a luau! It was super fun! Really good food!! I love our mission!!
Sunday we went to our first Marshallese baptism! That was interesting... I didn't understand most of the words that were said, but the Spirit was still strong!
Also, on Friday, I received an unexpected call from Sister Webber, Tommy's mom, and she told me that my little sister had received her mission call!!!!!! I found out that my angel sister will be serving the people of Twin Falls Idaho in Spanish!!! She reports to the MTC on April 1st, 8 days before I return home!!! I was so excited, I cried for joy at the thought of her serving the lord. I love this work so much!!
Have a wonderful week! 
I have a quote for you!  "Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ...can also be a source of inner strength through which we find self esteem, peace of mind, contentment, and the courage to cope."  (M. Russell Ballard, Our search for happiness, page 16.)  Hope this helps you!! Be awesome!
The other Sister Haws
We got Chocolate Turkeys from our favorite mission mom! (Thanks Sister Webber!)
The sky is almost as pretty as in New Mexico:)