Sunday, February 8, 2015

I got Bronchitis...... AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!!!‏

December 29, 2014

ALOHA FAMILIA!!!!!!  Yep, I just mixed languages...... It's how I roll!
So, remember how I said I had a cold last week?  Well.............  I think I got bronchitis.  Every time I tell people that, sister Gillins looks at me and says, "Ain't nobody got time for that!!" This is how I know we are long lost sisters....  So, I have been sick all week, but we still saw TONS of miracles and were able to see the beauty of life through CHRISTMAS!!!
Tuesday:  Not much really happened.  I was sick most of the day, but at night we went and taught a lesson to Diana.  I love her so much! In the middle of her lesson, Jarom (La's son) and Manny (Diana's brother) came and were trying to distract us, so I took boy duty, and told them scary stories and shared 2 kings 6:16 with them while Sister Gillins taught Diana.  I love those boys so much! They are so pure and innocent.  They are so funny too!  Reminds me of my brothers a lot!  And they tease me like them too!! Diana told Sister Gillins that she feels "proud of herself" when she prays about baptism, but doesn't know about a day.  We are seeing her tomorrow! Pray that she has a day by then!
Wednesday: CHRISTMAS EVE!!! In the morning, we had a zone breakfast! Elder Miller told us that our district was in charge of making eggs, so I got put on egg duty! They turned out really good if I do say so myself! I made 60 scrambled eggs for 30 people! That's a lot of eggs!  After that, we had an AMAZING district meeting.  I love my district! They are so in tune with the spirit, and we are all so unified! I love them so much.
That evening, La invited us over to eat Christmas Eve dinner and to read the Christmas story with the Spanish Elders.  They are so amazing! She is a really good cook! After we read the Christmas story, the spirit was really strong, and I didn't want that feeling to leave.  So, I asked La if there was anything that she wanted us to do, so she had the elders, us and her sing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus in Spanish, English and Samoan.  It was interesting, but the spirit was still really strong! Then we spent 10 minutes doing nothing but singing hymns and praising God and celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.  It was so amazing!
Thursday: CHRISTMAS!!! I didn't get a lot of presents, but what I got was perfect! I love it.  The greatest gifts were spending Christmas with one of my best friends, and seeing my family! I was able to tell my sister that I am coming home on March 4th, instead of missing her by 8 days! I think that was a bit of a suprise for her.  I got to talk to my beautiful brothers and my amazing parents as well.  I love my family so much! Times like this help me to remember how much my family is important to me and how much I love them! I am so blessed to have a family that is supportive and loving and that I can't think of eternity without thinking that they will be with me!  I love them so much!!
Saturday: We had Book of Mormon reading as usual, and then Sister Gillins and I got a haircut.  Well, multiple hairs cut.....  Mine doesn't look too different, more layers and shorter bangs.  Sister Gillins just added more layers and fixed her hair to not look like a grown out bob.  She looks beautiful!! 
Sunday:  We had a shortened, combined church meeting with the YSA ward because there weren't very many people in sacrament meeting! It was a little weird, but really nice. I love my ward!  After Church we went to do temple tours! I love them so much!  It is getting cold thoug, and that's weird.  Not too good for my cough, but whatevs...
I love you all so much!! Have a great week!!  Hope that all of  you have a wonderful new year of reflection and awesome resolutions!
Sister Haws
PS- Ether 6:2.  What do we have that lights our life and keeps us going in the dark?

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