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December 22, 2014

Sorry, My email seems really repetitive, but we have had so much music this last week that I don't even know what to do with myself! Probably, just keep singing because that's all I really know how to do:)
We got to do temple tours, and it rained again this week! I love the rain, but it gets really cold, at least if you're me and don't have a lot of "winter" clothing because I'm in Cali, and, for some reason, Cali doesn't scream "WINTER" whenever I look at the word....  Maybe that's just me...
We have sung Wednesday through Saturday, and i love it so much, but my body doesn't really like it... I got a bit of a cold from singing so much and singing in the cold air.
Thursday we had our Christmas Party, and we were suprised with the presence of HAYDEN JACKSON!!! If you remember, he was the elder that we had to say goodbye to in the end of August, but he came back for the Christmas party!! I love that kid so much!! We had a talent show and I sang a song called Gethsemane.  If you go to the California Irvine mission facebook page, you will see a video of me singing, just in case you miss my singing.  We had a beatiful time, and Santa even showed up!!  I knew Santa was mormon!!
Friday we sang at the Laguna Niguel Chalk Walk.  It's this thing where artists in Orange County can buy a parking stall and decorate it with chalk.  There were some AMAZING artists there.  I sang a solo again, but not very many people heard it because it was outside and there wasn't a microphone.  Still good.  OH! Funny story!  So we were on risers here, and I was on the second riser.  For some reason, I lost my balance, and I was on the end of the riser.  I didn't fall off, but I almost did, and my first thought was "Well, there goes my OTHER elbow!"  Funny times!  I promise I'm trying to be safe!
Saturday was spent serving and setting up for the Christmas Party for our ward!  Since my arm is still out of commission, I wasn't able to set up the tables (though I tried....), so they put me in charge of the decoration part and bossing everyone around.  I think I really liked that job!!  The party turned out really nicely! There was a pretty good turn out, and Sister Gillins and I did a song.  She played Breath of Heaven while i sang.  She also did a duet with Elder Rivera, and played the piano for a lady in our ward who sang Oh Holy Night! It was great!!
I turned 16 months yesterday, and I cannot even believe that i am this old in the mission!! Most days it feels as though I have only been here for a week, and I just got off the plane.  I love this work so much!!
Make sure to look at the He is the Gift website at! I love you all and hope you have a VERY Merry Christmas!
Sister Haws


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