Sunday, November 24, 2013

What a week!!!

November 18, 2013

This week has nothing super crazy to report, except that Taylor was not a church on Sunday and therefore, did not get confirmed.  Super sad!!!
We are still trying to work with her.  Hopefully she will be at church this Sunday and be able to receive the Holy Ghost.  We are sure praying that that happens!!!
Scripture for this week is Mosiah 2:41.  This scripture totally shows us why we should keep the commandments and why keeping them makes us happy!!
Sorry this week is so short!! Love you all!!! :)

Green Chile in California!!!

November 12, 2013

HEY!!!! So this week we did have our baptism!!!!!!!!! It went well!  She was five minutes late because her bathroom had flooded.  I had to play the piano, my companions gave the talks and it went great!! She was so happy and so ready to change:)  I cannot even describe how happy I am for her.  This must be what pure joy is!! I always want to feel this!! However, there was another setback.  Taylor was late to church, and so she was not confirmed.  So that will just happen next week!!! We have continued to teach her and help her along the path to understanding and exaltation.  She is so great!  I love her:)
So as the title would entail, I have come across New Mexico Bueno Green Chile here in Dana Point California.  They had it at Albertsons!!!!!! I will send a picture next week for proof.  It seriously made my day that much better:)  I love it! 
Our choir performed for the first time at a stake youth fireside in San Clemente.  That was awesome!! We sang Come thou fount, and Hymn number 262 to the tune of Israel, Israel God is Calling. so powerful.
We have another choir "gig" this coming Sunday in Dana Point.  We are singing The Light Divine.  I have to lead the choir in singing this song!!!! Crazy!!! I am a little nervous, but I can do it! 
Well, the church is still true, the book is still blue, I'm not covered in goo, I really like stew, and i'll see ya in a year and a half :)
Scripture for this week; 1 Nephi 4:6  Sometimes we are led by the Spirit, not knowing what we should do before we actually do it:)
I love you all!!!!
Sister Haws:)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Monday, November 4, 2013
Well, as the title can tell you, WE HAVE A BAPTISM TOMORROW!!!!!! We have been teaching Taylor every day and she is SOOOO ready to be baptized!! I have never seen anyone so ready!! She is so awesome!!! I love her!! She has had the hardest week of her life it seems (because that is what happens the week before a baptism), but she is still strong and ready and excited to be baptized!!! She is willing to commit to everything that we have taught her!  She is so ready and so strong!!
That has kind of been our whole week.  We have just been trying so hard to work with her!  I really feel like I was sent to Dana Point for her.  She is so good and she has talked about how much we have impacted her life. She also pulled me aside yesterday and told me that I changed her life just by small things that I had said.  She is the sweetest thing ever.  I love her to pieces!  She has changed my life.  I never knew that someone would be so willing to be baptized in a week, but she was! She was so excited to make this commitment! I love her and I LOVE THE GOSPEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is so true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Last night was one of the elder's birthday and a family in the ward invited both the sisters and the elders to dinner.  It was a blast!!  We had cake and ice cream and they made me sing (not to hard to make me do).  They were so cool and I love that we can have good clean fun and still feel the spirit and feel like we are with family.  It was so great!
Scripture for this week:  Luke 10:25-37.  How can we show charity for others by using this story??
LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
Sister Haws:)

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Holy Miracles!!!!!!!

Well, This week has been quite the ride!!  Actually the past two days have been the craziest days ever!!!!  So Friday was the Trunk or Treat and that was fun! There were a lot of people who brought non member friends so that was really cool! We were introduced to so many new people!  And then we had an exchange so that was fun! Sister C and I stayed in Dana Point and Sister R came; while Sister O went to San Clemente with Sister G.  Saturday was really good.  We went and helped Nori clean her house.  Then we went to the old folks home and that's always fun.  We went to a member's home and taught her a short lesson which was really powerful.  Then we went contacting at the harbor and guess who we saw??? KYLE AND SAM!!!!! BOTH of them were there at the same time!! We taught them the Restoration and they seemed really receptive to the message that we shared with them!  Super awesome! So that was the highlight and miracle of Saturday.
Sunday:  We go to church and think nothing is going to happen.  At least nothing too exciting.  Oh how we were wrong!  As we were sitting in Gospel Principles, a member, Brother V, walks in with a new lady, Taylor.  He introduces her to us and then asks us if we would be able to take her to Relief Society.  We say of course we can!  So as we are walking from Gospel Principles to Relief Society, we start getting to know Taylor. She has been through a lot during this last couple weeks.  Sister O was prompted to ask her if she would like a priesthood blessing.  Upon further explanation of what that is, she says she would love one! So we go and get the elders and Brother V to come and give her a blessing.  We go to a room that is unoccupied and we discuss a little more about the blessing and the priesthood.  Elder E gives the blessing and it is the most wonderful powerful blessing ever!  She said she really felt like it was God's words and that she felt something she couldn't describe (it was totally the Spirit!).  We talked to her more about the blessing and about the church and Elder E asks if she would like to be baptized ...............................................................................................................................................................SHE SAID YES!!!!!!! We set a date for November 9, but that didn't work for her, so she said how about Tuesday? and we were like, The 5?  And she said, Sure why not? SOOOO we have a baptism next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And we did nothing but meet her.  We know it is definitely not us, but the Lord who has prepared her for this and who is working with her heart to be converted unto him!! We will be teaching her every day!!! I LOVE SERVING THE LORD!!!!!!!! It is the best thing I could ever have done with my life!!!!!!!! I am learning so much about God and about how wonderfully perfect His Gospel really is!!!! I want to share this gospel with everyone that I meet!!! I want everyone to know that they are not alone, that God is there for them and that He loves them more than they could ever imagine!! I want everyone to know that God still talks to his children through the Holy Ghost and through a living prophet, Thomas S Monson.  I want everyone to know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God.  I want everyone to know that this is true!!!  I LOVE MY SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST!!! He is the greatest thing in my entire life.  He forgives me unconditionally. And He loves me more than anything.
This week, Read Matthew 14:22-34.  Good story! How can you apply it to your life?
With love and excitement,
Sister Haws:D