Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Best Way to Spread Christmas Cheer, Is Singing Loud For ALL to Hear:)‏

December 16, 2013

Hello!!!! This week has been crazy!! We have had so much to do with the choir it has been insane!!  Apparently everyone likes missionaries singing! It is a blast and I love it so much!
So we had practice Wednesday and Thursday, and then the choir was double booked, so they had to split the choir! We sang at 2 events Friday, 2 events Saturday and 3 events Sunday!!!!! I had to go to a ward Christmas party with 40 other choir members and I conducted 2 of the 5 songs.  Sister H, the other assistant director, conducted the other three.  We sang really well, and we had a solo and a string ensemble! So cool!! We have such a talented mission, and I am so grateful to President for letting us utilize our talents for the work!  Then on Saturday, we sang at this live nativity and other displays.  It was nice, but I kind of just felt like background music and entertainment, so the Spirit was not as strong as it could have been.  Sunday, there was a ward that wanted just an octet to sing for them.  I sung in that, and we sang "Softly and Tenderly." It is a beautiful song, and the Spirit was really strong. That whole sacrament meeting was all about missionary work so that was awesome:)  Then, after our church, we sang in the San Clemente YSA ward sacrament meeting.  THAT was powerful!! We (just the choir) sang the opening hymn, which was "Angels We Have Heard on High"  with an added 4th verse.  We took the 1st verse of Jesus Once of Humble Birth and put it in.  It was really powerful!  Then, after the sacrament was passed and the meeting started, there was a recent convert that spoke about how he joined the church.  Then we sang Come Thou Fount, which I believe is one of our best songs that we perform! It was so good!  Then another convert spoke and we sang Softly and Tenderly.  It is such a beautiful hymn about how Jesus is Calling all of us sinners to come home.  Then the Bishop spoke and it was really powerful. He talked about how the members are the powerful ones.  You are the ones that make the difference.  If they know someone who is Mormon, they will be a little more interested!  Share your testimony through your example and through your conversations!  For the closing, we sang God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen and Go Ye Messengers of Glory.  I think that is one of my favorite songs, like ever!! It is to the tune of Israel Israel God is Calling, and the words are so powerful because it is about spreading the gospel to the world! I love it so much! It is inspiring!!   Our final performance yesterday was at an interfaith concert at the San Clemente Stake Center.  There were a lot of people there that are not of our faith, but really appreciate music and singing about the birth of Jesus.  Our choir did a "flash mob"  They weren't expecting us to come in right away, and one elder stood up in the audience and sang the first line of Joy To the World, and then 3 other elders joined, and then 4 sisters joined, and then on the refrain, the rest of the choir came in from the back of the chapel! It was soo cool!!! We then sang Far Far Away on Judea's Plains, which was really good.  Then we sang our version of Angels We Have Heard on High, and it was really powerful.  There were people in tears! It was amazing!!  Then, at the end of the concert, they had the entire congregation join and sing the Hallelujah chorus.  Handel was crazy!!!!!!!!!! Those notes are so high!!! But it was REALLY fun to sing it and hit those notes:)  I love being able to sing about the Savior at this time of Year.  There is nothing quite like it. 
How are you spreading the Christmas Cheer this season?
I love you all! Save some snow for me! It is weird to be in December and not have any snow... At all.... I miss it, but I love the ocean too:)
Keep being amazing! And Keep the Spirit of Christmas with you always!
Sister Kayla Haws:)

It's December, It's 50, And I am freezing.... Which one is questionable???‏

December 9, 2013

Hello Family!!!! I am so glad that this Christmas season is upon us!! I love this season more than any other in the world, and I love that I get to share with others the wonderful gift of the Savior and the gift of His Gospel at this time of year that we celebrate his birth:)  How cool right???
So, it has dropped down to the low 50s, upper 40s, and I am freezing?!?!?!?!?! I think it is because I expected it to be summer all year round.... I guess I have to remember, that it still gets cold, even in California.  
This week, we have been doing a lot with our missionary choir!  We have had 3 performances this week and it has been wonderful! It has definitely kept us busy, but we love it so much!  I mean, The best way to spread Christmas Cheer is Singing LOUD for all to hear right??? At least, that's always been my philosophy :)
We have a new investigator!!! Her name is Natalia and she is from Brazil!! She is so cool! She is really open to learning more about the gospel and says that she is currently searching for another religion!! So cool! We are going to be teaching her tomorrow!!!
I'm sorry this week is not so entertaining.  I love my companion and I love that we are always laughing and making the best out of every situation!! I love serving the Lord!!
Scripture for this week is Helaman 3:27-28.  It is really good:)  I read it this morning and it really hit me:)
Lots of love and Christmas cheer from the coolest sister missionary out there!!

Sister Kayla Haws:)

Thanksgiving and Transfers.‏

December 2, 2013

Well, transfers happened this week and I have one companion now!! Her name is Sister M, she is from Holiday Utah, she loves BYU, she is super cute, and I love her!!!! I think this transfer is going to be  AMAZING!!! :)
We have started to revamp our teaching pool, so we are doing a lot of member work and a lot of contacting!! it should be really good!!!
Thanksgiving was great! We spent it with our Relief Society president and a few people from our ward.  It was great! I missed my family, but it is really cool to see other people's traditions!  After that we went to a zone activity and watched 17 miracles.  It always gets to me!! it is so good!! I love it!!
My scripture for this week is actually Luke 1:38
I am the handmaid of the lord and am willing to do whatever is asked of me!!!
I love you all!!!!! Have a great week!!! Catch the spirit of Christmas this week!!!

Exchanges, Transfers, Confirmations, and Choir

November 25, 2013

WHAT A WEEK!!!! There has been so much that has happened here in beautiful Orange County!! 
So first off, on Tuesday, the Dana Point sisters (me and my companions) went on exchanges with the Newport Coast YSA sisters (Sister R and Sister B).  Sister R and I were in Newport and Sister B and my companions were in Dana Point.  It was such a fun exchange!! I was able to sing my little heart out with Sister R (she's this girl with the most amazing voice EVER!!) and contact effectively and well!!! It was definitely a learning experience for me!  I loved it!!
Saturday, I went back to Newport to sing at a baptism for Sister R and Sister B.  I was in an octet of missionaries and it was BEAUTIFUL!!!!! We blended really well and the spirit was really strong there:)
Transfer calls were Saturday night.  We found out the news.................... I am staying in Dana Point!!! But my companions are both getting transferred.  :( I will miss them! We have had a lot of fun, but I am ready to see what the Lord has in store for me with my new companions! 
Taylor was finally confirmed yesterday!! She said that she feels much better and she can tell the difference! I hope this will help her change and improve her life!! I love the gospel and how much peace it brings!
Our missionary choir sang at a Methodist church for an interfaith concert.  It was phenomenal!!! We sang really well and you could tell that we had been practicing! It's amazing how powerful the combination of practice, execution and the Spirit are in making a choir sound so good. I love music so much!!
Keep the letters coming!! I love to hear from everyone!! I love you all and hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving!
This week's scripture is Psalm 100:)
Love the coolest ginger Sister Missionary out there:)
Sister Haws:)

Sunday, November 24, 2013

What a week!!!

November 18, 2013

This week has nothing super crazy to report, except that Taylor was not a church on Sunday and therefore, did not get confirmed.  Super sad!!!
We are still trying to work with her.  Hopefully she will be at church this Sunday and be able to receive the Holy Ghost.  We are sure praying that that happens!!!
Scripture for this week is Mosiah 2:41.  This scripture totally shows us why we should keep the commandments and why keeping them makes us happy!!
Sorry this week is so short!! Love you all!!! :)

Green Chile in California!!!

November 12, 2013

HEY!!!! So this week we did have our baptism!!!!!!!!! It went well!  She was five minutes late because her bathroom had flooded.  I had to play the piano, my companions gave the talks and it went great!! She was so happy and so ready to change:)  I cannot even describe how happy I am for her.  This must be what pure joy is!! I always want to feel this!! However, there was another setback.  Taylor was late to church, and so she was not confirmed.  So that will just happen next week!!! We have continued to teach her and help her along the path to understanding and exaltation.  She is so great!  I love her:)
So as the title would entail, I have come across New Mexico Bueno Green Chile here in Dana Point California.  They had it at Albertsons!!!!!! I will send a picture next week for proof.  It seriously made my day that much better:)  I love it! 
Our choir performed for the first time at a stake youth fireside in San Clemente.  That was awesome!! We sang Come thou fount, and Hymn number 262 to the tune of Israel, Israel God is Calling. so powerful.
We have another choir "gig" this coming Sunday in Dana Point.  We are singing The Light Divine.  I have to lead the choir in singing this song!!!! Crazy!!! I am a little nervous, but I can do it! 
Well, the church is still true, the book is still blue, I'm not covered in goo, I really like stew, and i'll see ya in a year and a half :)
Scripture for this week; 1 Nephi 4:6  Sometimes we are led by the Spirit, not knowing what we should do before we actually do it:)
I love you all!!!!
Sister Haws:)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Monday, November 4, 2013
Well, as the title can tell you, WE HAVE A BAPTISM TOMORROW!!!!!! We have been teaching Taylor every day and she is SOOOO ready to be baptized!! I have never seen anyone so ready!! She is so awesome!!! I love her!! She has had the hardest week of her life it seems (because that is what happens the week before a baptism), but she is still strong and ready and excited to be baptized!!! She is willing to commit to everything that we have taught her!  She is so ready and so strong!!
That has kind of been our whole week.  We have just been trying so hard to work with her!  I really feel like I was sent to Dana Point for her.  She is so good and she has talked about how much we have impacted her life. She also pulled me aside yesterday and told me that I changed her life just by small things that I had said.  She is the sweetest thing ever.  I love her to pieces!  She has changed my life.  I never knew that someone would be so willing to be baptized in a week, but she was! She was so excited to make this commitment! I love her and I LOVE THE GOSPEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is so true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Last night was one of the elder's birthday and a family in the ward invited both the sisters and the elders to dinner.  It was a blast!!  We had cake and ice cream and they made me sing (not to hard to make me do).  They were so cool and I love that we can have good clean fun and still feel the spirit and feel like we are with family.  It was so great!
Scripture for this week:  Luke 10:25-37.  How can we show charity for others by using this story??
LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
Sister Haws:)

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Holy Miracles!!!!!!!

Well, This week has been quite the ride!!  Actually the past two days have been the craziest days ever!!!!  So Friday was the Trunk or Treat and that was fun! There were a lot of people who brought non member friends so that was really cool! We were introduced to so many new people!  And then we had an exchange so that was fun! Sister C and I stayed in Dana Point and Sister R came; while Sister O went to San Clemente with Sister G.  Saturday was really good.  We went and helped Nori clean her house.  Then we went to the old folks home and that's always fun.  We went to a member's home and taught her a short lesson which was really powerful.  Then we went contacting at the harbor and guess who we saw??? KYLE AND SAM!!!!! BOTH of them were there at the same time!! We taught them the Restoration and they seemed really receptive to the message that we shared with them!  Super awesome! So that was the highlight and miracle of Saturday.
Sunday:  We go to church and think nothing is going to happen.  At least nothing too exciting.  Oh how we were wrong!  As we were sitting in Gospel Principles, a member, Brother V, walks in with a new lady, Taylor.  He introduces her to us and then asks us if we would be able to take her to Relief Society.  We say of course we can!  So as we are walking from Gospel Principles to Relief Society, we start getting to know Taylor. She has been through a lot during this last couple weeks.  Sister O was prompted to ask her if she would like a priesthood blessing.  Upon further explanation of what that is, she says she would love one! So we go and get the elders and Brother V to come and give her a blessing.  We go to a room that is unoccupied and we discuss a little more about the blessing and the priesthood.  Elder E gives the blessing and it is the most wonderful powerful blessing ever!  She said she really felt like it was God's words and that she felt something she couldn't describe (it was totally the Spirit!).  We talked to her more about the blessing and about the church and Elder E asks if she would like to be baptized ...............................................................................................................................................................SHE SAID YES!!!!!!! We set a date for November 9, but that didn't work for her, so she said how about Tuesday? and we were like, The 5?  And she said, Sure why not? SOOOO we have a baptism next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And we did nothing but meet her.  We know it is definitely not us, but the Lord who has prepared her for this and who is working with her heart to be converted unto him!! We will be teaching her every day!!! I LOVE SERVING THE LORD!!!!!!!! It is the best thing I could ever have done with my life!!!!!!!! I am learning so much about God and about how wonderfully perfect His Gospel really is!!!! I want to share this gospel with everyone that I meet!!! I want everyone to know that they are not alone, that God is there for them and that He loves them more than they could ever imagine!! I want everyone to know that God still talks to his children through the Holy Ghost and through a living prophet, Thomas S Monson.  I want everyone to know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God.  I want everyone to know that this is true!!!  I LOVE MY SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST!!! He is the greatest thing in my entire life.  He forgives me unconditionally. And He loves me more than anything.
This week, Read Matthew 14:22-34.  Good story! How can you apply it to your life?
With love and excitement,
Sister Haws:D

Monday, October 21, 2013

It's a party as a missionary!

Hola mi amigos!
This week has been crazy! We have been running from appointment to appointment!! And the Lord has blesses us so much for our hard work and diligence!  We have met some amazing people!  And we are so excited to serve in Dana Point!
We have so much fun as a companionship.  Sister C is crazier than I am (Hard to believe, I know).  We always have fun and are singing in the car.  Sister C tackles me and Sister O sometimes.  She craves sparkling cider. It's always great!
We have a lot of potential investigators that we are trying to get in contact with.  We love all of them and are trying to serve them always.
We had a missionary conference on Friday and were there in Irvine for 7 hours because President wanted interviews from me and Sister O, and there was a quite long interview before us!  But we still got to see our favorite couple that night, the older couple that we are working with! They are so great and they just need to come to church! We know they will if we just love them and continue to pray for them. 
We have been receiving a lot of referrals lately which is awesome!!! Don't hesitate to give the missionaries a referral!! Even if you don't think the person will be interested!  Just send the missionaries over and see what happens!! You will be blessed for it!
Well, that's about the only excitement we've had this week.  We do have a trio of elders serving with us, so there are 6 missionaries total in Dana Point! Crazy!!
Shout out to Sister Likovich, Elder Webber and Becca Lillie for sending me letters this week! Thanks guys!!
The scripture for this week is Matthew 28:19.  Missionary work is for EVERYONE!!!! Now go and spread the gospel!!
Sister Kayla Haws :)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Just Another Day in Paradise‏

Hola mi familia!!!

So this week has been crazy busy, but crazy good!!! We have been working our tails off.  So first things first, Transfers are today................................... And I'm still with my companions!!! Its great! I love them.  Our district leader, who is also one of the elders in our ward is leaving though.  This week we just got like even closer than before!! We taught Parker again.  I love that kid! He is really smart and really knows the gospel.  He seems really excited about getting baptized.  Hopefully he has talked to his dad this weekend! We will find out tomorrow!! Super exciting! Saturday we had two HUGE service projects that we did with the other missionaries in our district.  We had a project with the Capo ward and a lot of nonmembers that we packaged 20,000 meals for third world countries!! That was really fun and exciting! I loved it!  
Sunday we had dinner with our bishop and his family! They are really great and I really like them.  Then we went to this wonderful family's house.  They are a family in our ward! The father is not a member, but he goes to church every week with his family! He just wants to make sure that he is fully committed to the gospel.  Yesterday was really great! We moved apartments, had dinner with one of my favorite ladies in the ward, met with Nori and had the elders give her a priesthood blessing, and contacted two of our potential investigators!! Remember Kyle, the one that played the music at the harbor?  Well he wants us to sing with him!! So maybe we should make a deal with him; we'll sing if he takes the lessons :)  Then we contacted another lady that we had met before and she said she was really interested in family history and wanted our help with that!! I think I need to ask Ashley to help me with that;)

how are things going? Keep the letters and emails coming!! They seriously make me so happy and make my day better!  Love you all so much!! 

Love the coolest red-headed missionary,
Sister Haws:)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Conference in San Clemente‏

Well, this week is not going to be a long letter.  I don't have much time left.  So to start off, Holy Cow Conference!!!! How awesome!! If you did not get a chance to see it, just go to and see what is so wonderful!! I really enjoyed it!  My companions and I joined our zone in watching the conference in San Clemente at the Stake Center.  There were not many other people there besides the missionaries, but it was great.  There is something about conference when you are a missionary, it just gets better! You get so much more out of it! And that's a lot coming from someone who is just like her dad and loves conference with all her heart!

The reason this letter is coming on Wednesday and not on Monday is because my district went to the Newport Beach temple.  It is so gorgeous! I loved every minute of it.  It was nice to feel the peace and to feel the love my Heavenly Father has for, not only me, but for everyone on this planet.  He loves us so very much.  And he wants all of us to return to Him!  

One of my investigators is getting baptized!!! He is 10, and he is great! He really knows his stuff! He will be getting baptized on November 16! I cannot wait for him! He is such a cool dude! 

Well, that's really all that has been going on! Keep the writing coming! I love it!

Also, look at 1 Corinthians 13:1-7! Without Charity we are nothing!!

I love you all!!!
Sister Haws

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

As Sisters In Zion, We'll All Work Together!

WOW!!! I cannot believe it is already Monday!  The Work is moving forward and we are trying to keep up!  There has been so much that has happened this week.  To start off, I am one of the assistant directors in the mission choir!! Crazy! They trust a month old missionary to do that! At least it's not head director.  :)  Nothing too exciting happened on Monday and Tuesday, but then Wednesday picked right up!  We were struggling to find where we should be that night and so we decided to go contacting at the Harbor.  So we start walking and we see this guy carrying a stand up bass! He was shorter than me, so it was a little comical. His name was Sam. He seemed really interested, but hurrying on his way, so we gave him our number and he was off.  He didn't call us (Major bummer!) but we had hope. Then on Saturday we went contacting at the Harbor again (it's a pretty hoppin place so there's always people to talk to).  As we were going, we say a guy playing the mandolin and singing! So we stopped and listened, then we started talking to him.  His name is Kyle.  We got his number, we gave him ours, we invited him to watch conference, it was great!  Then we were talking about seeing Sam the other day, and he said he played with him!! We sang a hymn for him and he seemed really intrigued when we told him about our missionary choir! It is amazing to see how much music really can connect all of us, even if we have different religious backgrounds!! So cool! Then we saw the Relief Society Broadcast where the Sister Missionaries Sang... AND I SAW MADISON BOWMAN ON TV!!!!!! It made me so happy to see her!  The talks were all amazing and inspiring.  The song we sang really hit me.  "I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go" is one of the biggest reasons I am on a mission.  As we were singing the words that inspired me, I looked down at my name tag and had a really emotional experience.  It just hit me that I am really here, I'm singing this song with a badge on my chest. I am a missionary!!

My Scripture for this week is D&C 88:73 "Behold, I will hasten my work in its time." That time is NOW! What are you doing to prepare for that work? How are you helping the missionaries? Are you being the example for your friends?
I love you all! I miss you and pray for you!

With love from California,
Sister Haws:)

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Clothes in California‏

So this week, we had what was called a Sisters conference.  We had a conference for all the sister missionaries.  There we were able to receive hair and makeup tips, make a quick and easy skirt, and receive clothes that members had donated (kinda like a swap meet, just we didn't have to bring anything).  I got so many clothes!! I love it!! President Orgill and his wife were there and they are seriously the sweetest things ever! They are so nice!  I had an interview with president just before this, and he really made me feel like I mattered.  It was really touching to feel that. This Sunday was really interesting. It was the Dana Point Ward Primary Program, so that was really fun! The children are so cute! And their testimonies are so simple yet so powerful!!  After that we had to hurry to Irvine for a mission fireside with Elder Richards.  He is in the area presidency for the North America West Region.  He is really nice and his words were really powerful.  He spoke about putting our whole heart into the work and giving our heart to the Lord.  I really like that, that if we work really hard, it won't matter if our heart isn't in the work.
 After that we went to a member's home for dinner and somehow the fact that I can sing and play the piano came out.  So they had me play the piano. I played Jessica's theme. It went alright.  Then they had me sing a song.  The little girls at the house wanted me to sing Think of Me from Phantom of the Opera, so I tried that (their dad accompanied).  I was really praying that I would sound ok, and I did! It wasn't spectacular by any means, but it was really fun to sing.  
We potentially have a new investigator with a baptismal date!! She is from another ward, but she is moving into our area and she wants to still meet with the missionaries! I don't know her name, but that was still really cool! 
The work here is about the same, still working with the less active members.  We have been doing A LOT of service, which is really nice.  We now go to a rest home every Saturday, and we help clean a lady's house who can't do it for herself every Wednesday.  She kind of reminds me of Grandma Haws.  I miss her a ton, but when I am working hard, then I feel her the strongest.  We get to go to the temple on October 9, so that is really exciting! I can't wait to see what the Newport Beach temple looks like!!!

Katie Daugherty sent me a letter and wanted me to give a shout out in my email.  So here it is!! Tell her Thank you for the letter and how much I love and miss her! Tell everyone else to continue to send me letters. I only get to look at emails once a week, but I can receive mail anytime in the week my leaders bring it to us!!

The scripture for this week is Alma 36:3.  Apply your own name to the scripture and see it change the meaning.

I love you all and miss you tons!! Keep Calm and Carry On!!!

Sister Haws:)
(An explanation of Lala by Kayla's mom:  When Kayla was little and her dad would be leaving to go to work, he would say, "Bye!  Love ya!"  Kayla couldn't say love ya, so she would say,  "Bye!  Lala!"  And it stuck.  We still say use that phrase in our family.)

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Choir in California‏

Hey Hey hey!!!!! So this week has been crazy!!! We have been working with more less actives again and our investigators.  Also something new happened.  As you can see I titled this email, Choir in California.  The reason is BECAUSE...... (Drum roll please!!) We have a missionary choir for our entire mission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I am in it!! (obviously!)  It is sooo cool to be a part of! There are about 75 missionaries who are a part of it.  We will be performing in stake conferences around the mission, in Mission conferences, in wards as a sacrament program, IT WILL BE AWESOME!!!!!!! I love being able to express my testimony through song.  Sometimes a song just says it so much better than I ever could!

So I went on exchanges on Wednesday with one of my Sister Training Leaders (It's like a female zone leader).  I went down to San Clemente.  It was definitely cool to go to.  And for our work out Thursday morning, we went running on the pier!!! It was so cool!! I ran over the ocean!!! So cool!!  

Thursday we had what we call a Window.  Let me explain.  There was this lady that came to the mission before I came and she talked about this Windows program.  Sometimes missionaries feel like they need to do contacting, but they don't know where to go, so they just go wherever.  They may be in one place, while the person they are supposed to be in contact with, the "elect," are somewhere else.  The Lord is going to know where those Elect are going to be.  So we have to pray to know where we are supposed to be to find the people who are most ready for the gospel.  So we did that.  And we met Josh! He was running, and we stopped him and he let us give a 10 minute lesson.  He seemed pretty interested.  He even asked ME for a pamphlet!! I didn't have to offer, he asked before I could!! So cool!!

The work is moving right along! And it is coming! I Love this work! I love the atonement! I love the opportunities I have to bring people to the knowledge of that atonement!! 

My scripture for today is 3 Nephi 11:14.  Look it up.  Pay attention to why we need to put all our energy into Christ's side, Why he asks us to first "thrust in his side," and THEN "feel the prints in my hands."

I love you all!!! I miss you all! But I know that this is where I am supposed to be and where the Lord needs me!!!

Sister Haws:)

Monday, September 9, 2013


Well, first off, the last couple days of the MTC were AMAZING!!! They were so spiritual and amazing.  I got to sit on a window seat on the plane, so that was way cool! And beautiful!! (I can't figure out how to do pictures on this library computer, and i hear i can only send one at a time, but I will get some next time!!).  As we went to the baggage claim at the airport, our mission president and a few other missionaries were there to welcome us with a huge sign and even bigger smiles.  President Orgill is the nicest, smileyest man I have ever met.  He is so amazing!!  So we went to the mission office and he began interviews to get to know us better.  Then there was lunch.  After lunch, they had pillows and told us to take a nap! (I woke up at 3:30 and the adrenaline of being there was gone, so the nap was very welcome).  Then there was transfer meeting.  That was really cool because they had everyone in and then walked us newbies in as they were singing Called to Serve.  SO COOL!!!!!!!  I was the last sister to find out who my trainer was.  And I have 2!! They have been out six weeks.  They are so amazing!! Also, funny thing, in my trio, we have a blonde a brunette and a red head!!! What are the odds??? AND none of us are from Utah.  I am serving in Dana Point, which is south, almost to San Clamente.
So my second day we went to try to stop by on some less active members.  Let me tell you about my ward.  The ward has about 600 members on record and only about 200 come to church (sound familiar?). So a lot of our effort is on less active members.  A lot of people aren't interested, which is really sad, but we are working with a lot of them.  

I LOVE MY DISTRICT!!! They are great!! There are a lot of them that are training, so our district is REALLY young.  But that could be a really good thing!! All that greenie fire right??? 

My zone is pretty cool too.  There is an elder that was in my zone in the MTC that is in my zone now so that's really cool!! 

We have two investigators that we are really working with.  One is the sweetest lady.  She's about 68 and was raised Catholic.  She has read a lot of the Book of Mormon and she said that she believes, and she seems like she does, but she won't act on her belief.  We came to the conclusion as a companionship that Belief+Action=FAITH!!! She needs to act on her belief for that belief to become faith.  Our other investigator is 10 and his mom and stepdad are members, but his dad and grandma aren't.  He is afraid to join because he thinks his grandma won't talk to him.

I can't believe that I am finally serving the Lord and laboring in his Vineyard in California. Sometimes it seems so unreal, but it is so great!!!  I have found that I can't be afraid, and I have to have faith that what I am saying is what the Spirit told me to say.  I have to have faith that the person I am talking to will want to here what I have to say.  I have to have faith that I am enough to be God's tool in Dana Point.  I have to have faith that I can DO this!!!!  Faith is key to everything!!!  And Faith is EXACTLY what the Lord asks of us.  If we have faith,  he will make up for all we lack!!!

Also I just wanted to share a scripture with you.  It's kinda been the scripture of the week.  It is 3 Nephi 9:13-14. I invite you to look it up.  In it, the Lord says that if we will come unto him and repent, he will HEAL us.  Not just forgive us, not just help us, not even fix us and we still have a scar.  He will HEAL us fully, if we only partake of His atonement and come unto Him.

I know that this is where the Lord wants me.  I would never be anywhere else. As much as I miss you, I know that there are people here who need me too, and need me to share the Gospel with them!! 

God speed, and until monday!

Sister Haws:)

Sunday, September 8, 2013

I made it!!

I flew to California on Tuesday.
Here is a picture of me with President and Sister Orgill.  They are so wonderful!! 

Here is a picture of me with some other missionaries in the California Irvine Mission.  I already love it!!
If you want to write to me, here are 2 ways you can write:
E-mail me at  I may not be able to e-mail you back but will be able to send a letter in response.  You can keep e-mailing me your responses to my letters if that is easier for you.  (I only have a limited amount of time each week on a computer which is why I can't e-mail you back and I have more time each week to write letters.)  I love getting letters, e-mails and packages from my friends and family!
 You can also send letters and packages to:
Sister Kayla Haws
California Irvine Mission
23 Lake Road
Irvine, CA 92604

Sunday, August 25, 2013

I'M HERE!!!!!!

I finally made it to the MTC!!! I have been here for 2 whole days and I can't even believe it!! I HAVE A NAME TAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D Seriously the best accessory of my ENTIRE life!!! So here's what's happened for the first couple days!

So I arrived at 12:55 at the MTC and a wonderful sister was my host.  I went into the Wilford Woodruff building and received my nametag!! And I found out something...... I am at the West campus (Wyview/Raintree).  I was not expecting that!  So after I got my nametag, I was put on a bus to Wyview.  Then I met a NEW host, who showed me to my room (I like the hosts, I don't have to worry about carrying my bags) ;) We then went with a huge group to the classrooms at Raintree (just down the street) and I got to my class and met my teachers.  They are AMAZING!!!!! Brother Leah is from England originally and served in West Virginia.  He is SOO cool and I love how much he has ALREADY taught me!! (more of that in a bit).  Sister Hoopes is from Wyoming and served in the Michigan Detroit mission.  She is so sweet and listens really well!  Once our whole district came to the class (4 elders and 4 sisters), we began to learn.  We learned about our purpose and about how to be the best missionary we can be.  After class, we went to dinner and then we went to the chapel by the stadium to do large group teaching.  The teacher for that was....... Drumroll please........... Tyler Christianson from THE DISTRICT!!! How cool!!! We were able to teach 3 investigators as a group of about 40.  It was very interesting.  I don't know how effective it actually was, BUT it did help us to realize that every person is different and may need different things to come unto Christ.  I FORGOT TO TELL YOU ABOUT MY COMPANION!!!!!! My companion's name is Sister Van Heel.  She is from Minnesota.  She has a speech impediment that makes her pronounce her words a little differently (everyone comes up to her and asks her if she is from another country), but she has the strongest testimony! She is so sweet and kind to me.  She helps me be a better person.

So yesterday!  I went to study at 7 in the morning, then after breakfast we went to this presentation about people, and our purpose as missionaries.  SO COOL!!!! I realized that my purpose as a missionary is not just to baptize people, but also to invite them to come unto Christ and to realize how much God loves them!  Our class was so cool.  We met our first investigator!!! His name is Bobby.  He has a daughter who he wants the best for her.  He doesn't affiliate with any particular religion.  He believes God is more of a Scientist in the sky and not just something we should believe in.  So after we were introduced to him, we had personal study.  I prayed to Heavenly Father before I studied to know what I could help teach Bobby about God.  I decided to look at the first lesson in Preach My Gospel and see if I could find something for Bobby that would help him in his quest for God (the first section is God is our loving Heavenly Father).  I looked at the scriptures in the back of the section and just picked like 3 scriptures randomly (or so I thought!).  THESE SCRIPTURES ARE EXACTLY WHAT BOBBY NEEDS!!!!!!!!!!!  I found Mosiah 4:9, Acts 17;27-29, and 1 John 4:7-9!! They were exactly what he needs.

After that we went to dinner and then went to meet our branch presidency and their wives.  They are SO wonderful!!! I already love them.  They want us to be exceptional missionaries and will help us on the way to greatness!! (Name that quote!)

Today is P-day.  We went to breakfast and then Sister Van Heel wasn't feeling well and wasn't really able to eat anything, so we had to go to the clinic on the main campus so she will feel better.  So I got to go to the main MTC.  And I saw two people who I wasn't expecting; Elder Maguet from my BYU ward (he was Elders quorum president), and Elder Easton (he went to EFY with Ashley and me).  So that was cool!! Also, I need you to fax the MTC my immunization records so that they have them.  The fax number is 801-422-0860.  If you could do that as soon as possible that would be wonderful!!! 

So I got a package today!! It was Dear Elder cookies and a letter from Kristi Walker!!! If you could tell her thank you, I would really appreciate that!! And I got everyone's dear elders!! You are all (Melissa, Mama, Emily Jarvis, and Daddy) SO SWEET!! Thank you Daddy for what you shared with me.  I hope that I can do all in my power to be a "consecrated missionary." 

I think I left my address book in the car... If you could send that as well, you would be the best!! Even though you already are!  

Did you set up the blog yet? How are things in the stake? Tell me How Stake Conference goes! How is Football and golf going?  Tell everyone to write to me!!! I LOVE LETTERS!!!! From EVERYONE!!!!!

OH!!! I forgot! I get to teach my investigator Bobby TODAY!!! AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I am so nervous and excited at the same time!!! I feel like Sister Van Heel and I have prepared pretty well and we can teach him what he needs.  The lesson will only be like 15-20 minutes so not too hard! and at least I get to do it in English!! :)

So some good things about Wyview before I have to go.  Lots of walking.  We walk EVERYWHERE!!! AND raintree is across the street and we are in the building on the VERY end of the world!  My apartment only has 4 girls and we have 1 bathroom, so I don't have to share with too many people! The "gym" is outside! Our district can be no more than 8 (which it is!)  

Oh funny story! First day, I met an Elder Larson (he's in my district).  After we were talking for a while, we started talking about assignments in the mission like Zone leader, Sister Training Leader and District Leader.  I immediately pointed to him and said, "you're gonna be zone leader."  Last night they announced Zone Leaders... And it's him and his companion!!!! I KNEW IT!!!!  

I cannot wait to go out to Irvine!! I feel like I have been here forever! and it's only been 2 1/2 days!!! its true that the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days.  I am exhausted and kinda sick of studying for me! I wanna serve people and forget about myself! Maybe that's why they only have us here for 13 days!! 

Well I am about out of time.  I just want you all to know how much I love you and feel your prayers in my life! I miss you all, but I would not be anywhere else in the world at this time! I was BORN for this and I CAN DO THIS!!! There really is power and authority in the calling and being set apart.  I never really realized that, and I am so glad I know that now!! The church is true! Jesus loves you and He loves me too! I cannot wait to see what the next week brings and I hope to get tons of letters from you soon!!! I love you all sooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!! 

Until Next week and with Much Love,
Sister Haws :)