Monday, October 21, 2013

It's a party as a missionary!

Hola mi amigos!
This week has been crazy! We have been running from appointment to appointment!! And the Lord has blesses us so much for our hard work and diligence!  We have met some amazing people!  And we are so excited to serve in Dana Point!
We have so much fun as a companionship.  Sister C is crazier than I am (Hard to believe, I know).  We always have fun and are singing in the car.  Sister C tackles me and Sister O sometimes.  She craves sparkling cider. It's always great!
We have a lot of potential investigators that we are trying to get in contact with.  We love all of them and are trying to serve them always.
We had a missionary conference on Friday and were there in Irvine for 7 hours because President wanted interviews from me and Sister O, and there was a quite long interview before us!  But we still got to see our favorite couple that night, the older couple that we are working with! They are so great and they just need to come to church! We know they will if we just love them and continue to pray for them. 
We have been receiving a lot of referrals lately which is awesome!!! Don't hesitate to give the missionaries a referral!! Even if you don't think the person will be interested!  Just send the missionaries over and see what happens!! You will be blessed for it!
Well, that's about the only excitement we've had this week.  We do have a trio of elders serving with us, so there are 6 missionaries total in Dana Point! Crazy!!
Shout out to Sister Likovich, Elder Webber and Becca Lillie for sending me letters this week! Thanks guys!!
The scripture for this week is Matthew 28:19.  Missionary work is for EVERYONE!!!! Now go and spread the gospel!!
Sister Kayla Haws :)

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