Wednesday, October 2, 2013

As Sisters In Zion, We'll All Work Together!

WOW!!! I cannot believe it is already Monday!  The Work is moving forward and we are trying to keep up!  There has been so much that has happened this week.  To start off, I am one of the assistant directors in the mission choir!! Crazy! They trust a month old missionary to do that! At least it's not head director.  :)  Nothing too exciting happened on Monday and Tuesday, but then Wednesday picked right up!  We were struggling to find where we should be that night and so we decided to go contacting at the Harbor.  So we start walking and we see this guy carrying a stand up bass! He was shorter than me, so it was a little comical. His name was Sam. He seemed really interested, but hurrying on his way, so we gave him our number and he was off.  He didn't call us (Major bummer!) but we had hope. Then on Saturday we went contacting at the Harbor again (it's a pretty hoppin place so there's always people to talk to).  As we were going, we say a guy playing the mandolin and singing! So we stopped and listened, then we started talking to him.  His name is Kyle.  We got his number, we gave him ours, we invited him to watch conference, it was great!  Then we were talking about seeing Sam the other day, and he said he played with him!! We sang a hymn for him and he seemed really intrigued when we told him about our missionary choir! It is amazing to see how much music really can connect all of us, even if we have different religious backgrounds!! So cool! Then we saw the Relief Society Broadcast where the Sister Missionaries Sang... AND I SAW MADISON BOWMAN ON TV!!!!!! It made me so happy to see her!  The talks were all amazing and inspiring.  The song we sang really hit me.  "I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go" is one of the biggest reasons I am on a mission.  As we were singing the words that inspired me, I looked down at my name tag and had a really emotional experience.  It just hit me that I am really here, I'm singing this song with a badge on my chest. I am a missionary!!

My Scripture for this week is D&C 88:73 "Behold, I will hasten my work in its time." That time is NOW! What are you doing to prepare for that work? How are you helping the missionaries? Are you being the example for your friends?
I love you all! I miss you and pray for you!

With love from California,
Sister Haws:)

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