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Turkey!! And Pasole? And a baptism!‏

December 1, 2014
Happy December everyone!! Can you believe that it is already the last month of this crazy year?? I can't!
Not much exciting happened at the beginning of the week. I took yet another friend/companion to Ikea for her first time. It was awesome! We had a blast!
Wednesday, we had a special mission conference.  The chaplain on Camp Pendleton Marine Base, Chaplain Adams, came and talked to us. He is a Seventh Day Adventist, and he had some great insight.  He loves the members of our church, and he loves serving the Lord.  I found a fellow servant in him, and it was really nice to hear his insight.  He knew a lot about our religion.  The elders stationed in Camp Pendleton have helped him out a lot and he has the deepest respect for them.  They are great elders as well.  He talked all about how mission is about sharing; sharing our message, sharing love, and sharing what we have.  He talked about how a mission is not about you, how it is about the people, and how a mission is for the glory of God, not you!  It was really cool! I love hearing what other people have to say. It proves that each church has some truth in it, and that there are true seekers here.  I love this work so much!!
Thursday, all the fun happened! We had district meeting where Elder Miller asked Helena to speak to us about her conversion and how we can be more successful with our investigators.  She did so good! I love her with all my heart! Then, since we had to sing with the elders for Manny's baptism (more on that later), we went to the church and practiced. Sister Gillins is the most awesomest person ever!!! She plays the piano like a boss! It was so fun!  Then, we went with the Sisters, the Spanish Elders, and us, to La's house! We had so much fun!  La made turkey, ham, stuffing, potatoe salad, ribs, and stuffing; and Manny's mother made Pasole!! It was so good! Probably the best pasole I have ever had! I loved it a lot.  I love food so much!
Friday, we had practice with the Elders again, but before that, we had a blitz in the Mesa View ward.  I got to go on exchanges with Sister Cottle for that and it was so fun! She helped me be ok with going home, and put everything in perspective.  She helped me to feel loved, and it was great!
Saturday, we were in charge of the book of Mormon reading that normally happens, but no one showed up, so we practiced a little, before going to get lunch.  After lunch we helped a less active to feel better.  Then we had MANNY'S Baptism!!!!! It was so cool! I love that kid so much! The program ended up awesome! There weren't many people there, because aparently no one knew about it, but it was perfect.  The song we sang was awesome! The elders did amazing, and so did Sister Gillins! I love having a musical companion! it's the best!  La and her son, Jarom gave AWESOME talks, and he was so happy! After his baptism, we went to eat Tamales that his mother made! They were SO GOOD!!!! I love mexican food!! It makes me really happy to serve in such an awesome ward.
Sunday morning, we got a call from the Sisters, and they asked us a favor.  Sister Cottle was supposed to give a talk, but she found out she had to go to a meeting in Irvine, so she asked if I could give a talk on Gratitude.  I didn't know that I was speaking, and I had about an hour to prepare it, but it turned out pretty well! I prayed really hard for the spirit to help me know what to say, so that worked really well.  I know that the Spirit is real, and that God does give us strength in the times that we need it.  I love God so much!!
I love this work! I love seeing people make covenants and changing their lives! I love seeing people follow their Savior Jesus Christ.  I love seeing families change because one person decides to change.  I love being a missionary!! I love you all so much!!
This week, look up the awesome video found on It will bring you to know just why we celebrate Christmas!
I love you all! Have a great week! Remember to remember the reason for this Christmas season! Watch the beautiful Christmas devotional for me, since I can't!
Sister Kayla Haws

Helena's mother, Bessie, crocheted me a blanket!! It's my favorite color and it is so flipping beautiful and warm!! I love her so much!!

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