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24's! Baptisms, and Amazing Awesomeness!‏

November 24, 2014
So this week was full of amazing awesomeness, as it says in my subject line!
Tuesday, we had our district meeting, where Sister Gillins and I had to do a training on the Book of Mormon and how we can better use it in our missionary life.  It was amazing and the spirit was really helping us along in that training! I love her so much! And I love that we were able to work together for that!  I have such a strong testimony of the book of Mormon that it was really cool to share that with the members of my district.  Then we had a missionary conference, and we learned about the Christmas awesomeness that is called "He is the Gift."  It is all about helping us to feel of God's love and remember why really have Christmas.  To learn more, check out  Super amazing!  That night we also picked up Diana, Manny's sister, as an investigator!
Wednesday we had temple tours and got to help Katina, a recent convert from Westpark continue to settle in to her new apartment.
Thursday was 24s exchanges.  I have talked about them before because this is the 3rd time we have done them.  This time, as with the other 2, I stayed in my area.  I was with Sister Murphy and Hermana Williams.  It was an amazing experience! I was able to share my time with some amazing sisters.  Hermana Williams has only been out in the field for 10 weeks, and she went to the Mexico MTC, so that was cool.  As we were contacting, I got to introduce myself as Hermana Haws, and it made me think of Ashley!  Shout out to the COOLEST sister in the world!! Hermana in 5 months!!
Friday we returned with our companions.  Can I just say how grateful I am for having a companion that I love so much that I miss her! I missed working with her, talking with her, singing with her, praying with her, serving with her, teaching with her.  I love exchanges, and there are a lot of miracles that come from it, but there is power in working with the person that you have been assigned to work with ever day.  There are reasons we are with our companions, and the Spirit testified that to me this week!  That night we taught Diana, and she accepted baptism!!! I am so excited for her and to see her progress!!
Saturday we were able to go with Manny to his baptismal interview, and he PASSED!!  He is getting baptized this Saturday!!
Sunday was great, full of singing with the Choir, and seeing members of the Dana Point ward that I haven't seen for a year and be able to say hi to them! I love them a lot! they are a good ward!  We also got to sing at an Episcapol church for an interfaith conference.  It is so amazing to be able to share my testimony that "I Believe in Christ" and "How Firm a Foundation", to sing "Amazing Grace" while being accompanied by the bagpipes, to hear other people and the songs that they sing, to hear scriptures that are used in our church as well as theirs.  It was an amazing experience!  I love music!!
This week is so amazing! I am so excited for Thanksgiving! Let us all remember why we celebrate Thanksgiving, and show our gratitude to those that matter most to us.  I sure am grateful for every single one of you, and the impact that you have made in my life.  Thank you for all the prayers and love that you show to me every week!
Have a great week!! Eat lots of turkey, and watch a football game for me!
Sister Kayla Haws
These were taken at the temple tour meeting that all the temple sisters went on last week!

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