Sunday, February 8, 2015

I'm Not Dead Yet!!!

February 2, 2015

I'm just mostly dead!! This week has been really good, and REALLY tiring! I am so tired all the time!! I can't believe how tired I am! I guess that's how a lot of missionaries feel when they get home though, so I guess that makes sense......
This week has been fabulous!! Here are some of the highlights:)
We had an amazing start of the week with a Recent Convert, Janet, who has a non member husband and a non member daughter. Both her husband and her daughter were there for part of the dinner with us and the elders on Monday, and her husband AGAIN came to church this week! It was a miracle, because she didn't think he'd come to church this week because of the Super Bowl. See, the good thing about 9:00 church, is that people can come to church and then they can still make it home to watch the game if they so choose!  GENIUS!!!

Tuesday we got to see Corina, a recently returning member, and were able to help her feel uplifted and loved. She is an amazing woman and needs to know that she is loved and to continue to help her with reading the Book of Mormon with her husband. We also got to help the College Park elders with a painting project in their area and it was awesome:) We love doing service!

Wednesday we had an AMAZING district meeting full of the Spirit. I love Elder Dominic as a district leader! He is so loving and so humble! I feel like he really cares about the members of his district. He is a great example of charity. We were also able to go to ARP with La again, and it was amazing for her! She was really uplifted and felt blessed by the words that were spoken in that meeting. I love ARP. It is an inspired program of love and the atonement. I love it so much!

Thursday we were able to have Elizabeth Gregory with us for the day (she's preparing to serve a mission). We were able to help her see the beauty and the work of missionary work. Not everything went exactly as planned (which is how it seems to go when you're expecting something to happen because someone is there with you), but it was a good day, nonetheless. We had a lesson with Diana again, and she has decided to push her baptismal date back. She felt pressured, and we didn't want her to feel that. She was very honest and open with us, so that was really good. We are glad that she still wants to progress and learn more about her Savior.

Friday was a really busy day full of appointments We were able to weekly plan a little bit, as well as finally clean our car out. We were able to see a member, Hinano, that has asked us to help her and her children to understand the Book of Mormon and to read it with them. I am excited to continue to work with them and continue to study the Book of Mormon in depth so that they can understand it as well. I love the Book of Mormon, and i am so glad that we are reading it again as a mission. I feel so unified with the mission, and Sister Gillins as I read every day. I love that book and I know that I have changed from it.

Saturday, I got to go on exchanges with Sisters Hall and Fetui. They are so amazing and we had amazing lessons with them! I love them and am glad I had the opportunity to learn from them and to share the day with them. I am glad that Sister Gillins was able to go with Sister Simms. I know that it was an amazing experience for her:) I love her.

After our exchange, La called us, and said that her ex was able to take us to the LA temple and that we would still be able to go. We had an amazing opportunity! I love the temple, and not having temple tours this week left me feeling a little bit empty inside. I didn't know that I was feeling that way, until we got to the temple, and the gap in my heart was filled. I was so overwhelmed with the Spirit, and I knew that this was the Lord's house. This was his holy edifice, and I could feel the Spirit so strongly testifying that to me. I know that temples are important, and I am so happy that I was able to have that opportunity. We had an amazing experience with La that we wouldn't have had otherwise. I love her, and know that she needed the strength and uplifting as much as I did.

Sunday, like I said, Jack (Janet's husband) came to church. La and Beverly bore their testimonies and it was really powerful. I love this ward with all my heart. We were able to have a lesson with Steven, and help him to remember the events of the Restoration. I love seeing Steven grow and learn in the gospel. We were then able to have temple tours! YAY! We were so happy! I cannot express how much I love the temple! I love it with all my heart.
I love you all!! I hope you have a great week!! Remember to not let your time fly by you, because it will if you let it!! I love this work and am so thankful for the time I have to serve!
Have a great week!
Still living Sister Haws

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