Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Transfers..... DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUNNN!!!‏

October 27, 2014
Well, this week is transfers............  And I am staying!!!!!! I get to be in this area for at least 6 months!! This is officially the longest area I have served in.  I love this ward with all my heart!! I am so glad I get to stay.  Unfortunately, we did get some sad news.  Sister Putnam is being transferred.  But we had a great week to end the transfer!
We were able to go to the temple with one of our recent converts, Noe, who went and did baptisms for the dead. It was an awesome experience. I know that he really felt the spirit. He seemed so at peace with everything and it was awesome:)  I just love how much the temple is there for us.  There is so much peace in that sacred building. Satan cannot enter it's doors, and so there is extra peace that cannot be found in the world.  It's just like John 16:33, where Christ says that "in the world, you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world." 

We had temple tours, which were awesome. We love temple tours. I was able to help give a tour to some people from Texas (Dallas.  Sorry mom), and it was amazing some of the questions that they had. They were not members, but they had seen our temple on a website, and said that they had to go see it. It was amazing to see their enthusiasm and love and respect for that sacred building.  I love doing tours!! They are the best ever!!!

We have a baptism coming up this weekend!! It is Saturday at 1. It is so amazing to see. Ermalinda and Krystalee are both amazing little girls that we have had the privilege of teaching. Ermalinda is 12 and Krystalee is 8. Sometimes it is hard to teach them because they don't always retain it, but as we keep teaching them after baptism, I know that they will understand. It is amazing.
Helena is still doing good. She finally has a stable job that gives her weekends off and a steady income.  It is so good to see that the Lord really does supply when we are trying to do all we can!!
This weekend was our ward Trunk or Treat!! It was really fun.  Sister Putnam dressed up as a pirate.  I dressed up as a valley girl/80s girl.  Corina told me I was Cyndi Lauper:)
Have a great week!!
Sister Kayla Haws

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