Sunday, February 2, 2014


December 23, 2013

First off, CHRISTMAS IS IN 2 DAYS!!!!!!!!! I am so excited!! I get to skype home and talk to my family and I get to see some wonderful people that day!!!  YAY!!! I will be reading 3 Nephi at that time too! It just happens that my reading works that way!! YAY:)
Second off, Santa came to our mission christmas party!!! That was cool! It was a great party.  We had food, and skits (each zone performed a skit), and choir singing, and santa, and presents from President, and storytelling, and friends and a great time!!! The choir brought president to tears so that was cool.  We are really getting good!!
Third off, we have been doing so much singing still! We should be winding down now that Christmas is over! I think that is good and bad.  I will miss being busy, but I have missed working in my area as much as I have.  I love the way that Christmas music really changes the holidays.  It is a wonderful blessing to have music so that is cool:)
We found a new investigator in our apartment complex!! She is the sweetest thing in the entire world!! She is an older lady who her mother just passed away.  We are going to teach her the plan of Salvation soon.
My challenge this week is for you to read Luke 2 and 3 Nephi 1 on Christmas Eve!!  It is really a great tradition:)
I love you so much!!!!
Sister Haws;)

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