Sunday, February 2, 2014

Tidepooling, Tender Mercies, And Testimonies

January 27, 2014

How is everyone??? I hope all is well:)
Things are great here in Irvine!! I love it so much!!! The work is hastening and it ain't gonna stop:)
So the reason this email is a little later in the day than normal is because we (our companionship and another set of sisters) decided to go tide pooling!!!! It was AMAZING!!!!! There are so many cute little animals that live in those little pockets of water!!! There were sea slugs and urchins and hermit crabs and anemones and a whole bunch of other stuff!!!! I am probably sunburned, but who cares??? I am in California :)  Hopefully I will be able to send pictures eventually!!
The tender mercies from this week--being in a trio and being sick, Laura, and members who are able to make it to lessons.  Yes, being sick can be a tender mercy.  So I got a little sick this week.  And since we are in a trio, we were able to just drop me off at a member's house and they could continue working! I wish with all my heart that I was there, but I just couldn't be there.  BUT I got to get to know Sister Lutz (Second Counselor in the mission presidency's wife) better and get to know a member better!! I love it!! And my companions had some great experiences with the lessons that they taught:)   Now on to Laura!!! She is so STELLAR!!!!!!! She is the coolest person I have met!!! She is so cute and she is so willing to learn about Jesus Christ and what the best way is for her to come closer to Him!!! She is so great and has so much faith!!! She is getting baptized in June and we just have to keep working with her!!  And part of the reason everything worked out so well was because we were able to have a member with her at the lesson!!! If you ever have the opportunity to go with the missionaries to lessons, GO!!! It will change your life and benefit the investigator!!!! It makes everything go so well!!!
Well I am almost out of time!!! I love you all soo much!!!
For the reading today, read the testimony of Joseph Smith about his finding the Book of Mormon.  IT is so good!!!
Sister Haws

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