Sunday, February 2, 2014

Woodbridge: Tender Mercies, Singing, and Exchanges

January 21, 2014

Hello family and friends and ALOHA!!!!!!! (that is how we start every meeting here in Irvine:))
I have been out for 5 months today!!!!!!!!! The time has flown by sooooooooo fast!!! And yet, it feels like forever since I have seen you all.
So this week there have been some amazing things happening!!!  Tuesday I got to scan some documents for a less active lady in our ward. Who knew my scanning would come in handy on a mission?!?  We also had an investigator, Linda, come to our Relief Society activity and we had a lesson with another investigator, Laura that same night!!  It was great to see both these wonderful women and get to know them better and help them improve their relationship with God. 
Wednesday we got to meet this family that lived in New Mexico for a number of years!!! That made me so happy being able to talk about the beautiful home I love and having them understand.  That was cool.
Thursday we got to see Laura again and see a lady Amber that we have been teaching.  Amber and her family actually have to move and they are moving out of our boundaries:( so we will be passing them to some great elders!!!
Friday, Sister Bing... had to go to a meeting as well as another sister in our district and they went together, so guess who got to come with me and Sister Burg...???  SISTER VH!!!!! It made me so happy to see my MTC companion again and see how much she has grown.  She was amazing to begin with, but she has grown so much since we have been out:)  and I have too.
Saturday, Sister Bing... went on exchanges so it was just me and Sister Burg... for the day.  It was nice to get to know Sister Burg... a little better, but we missed Sister Bing... .  We went to a Chinese baptism since we had a former investigator going.  That was interesting.  It was all in Chinese, so they had one of the elders translating for those of us that did not speak Chinese.  As most of you know, translations are normally a little behind the person speaking, and I had my translator set on a little too loud.  Well the person giving the talk said "amen" and then 5 seconds later, the translator said "amen" and I said "amen" as well.  I didn't realize that it was 5 seconds after everyone else until I saw Elder F. laughing at me and I realized everyone else was looking at me too.  That was intersting:)
After that we had some appointments we went to.  Then we went to the Mission Viejo Stake Conference, because the Choir was singing.  We sang and the Spirit there was SOOOOOO strong!! It was an amazing experience!!! Then, as I was standing after the conference, I saw someone who looked familiar.  It was a guy from my singles' ward at BYU!! It made me so happy to see him and hear that he was going to Raleigh!! He is a great guy and will be an amazing missionary.  After I was done talking, I saw someone else I knew.  Brother Webber, Tommy's DAD!!!!! I was so excited, I almost hugged him!!! Unfortunately that is frowned upon in missionary society. But he took me to the rest of his family in the back of the gym and I got to see Sister Webber and their two daughters, Charlotte and Claire.  That made me so happy!!! I love that I have to opportunity to serve in their mission and see them more than I would before!! They are so great!!!!
Sunday, we had to opportunity as all the missionaries in the zone to go to the priesthood leadership meeting for our stake conference.  That was a great experience and we loved being able to see how we can work with our ward and stake leaders.  Stake conference was a broadcast and President Eyring and Elder Anderson spoke.  It was powerful and amazing!!!
My scripture for you this week is 1 Nephi 17:8-9
Love you all!!!
Sister Kayla Haws:)

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