Thursday, July 10, 2014

Just another Week on the Rez, or CRAZY for me :)‏

May 5, 2014

Yah'ta'hey!! (that is Navajo for hello)

This week has been AWESOME!!! I can't believe how crazy this week has been and how much fun it has been.  I have had some experiences here that I would NEVER have had in California! :)  It has been a blast and Sister J has been awesome:)  

Monday:  I climbed Window Rock with one hand.  My arm was still a little hurt when I climbed it, but I DID it!!! It was really fun, really cold, really windy, and really beautiful.  Then we went and saw some less active members here and that was fun!

Tuesday:  I met the coolest old lady on the face of the planet!  Her name is Roberta, and she is getting baptized this Saturday the 10th.  She is so funny! She will repeat things that you say, she has read to 2 Nephi 20, she believes everything!! She is so set for baptism! I love her so much!! We saw her a lot this week.
We also saw a few more investigators, and then we saw Travis and his daughter Paris.  They are recent converts so we taught them, and then we played Bingo!! That was fun!

Wednesday:  We saw Roberta again.  Then we went to this lady Rosita's house!  She is crazy!! She has goats and works with them a lot.  She also only says "The Lord's Prayer."  We tried to teach her the order of prayer and why we pray, and she gave the closing prayer.  It was still The Lord's prayer.  We just looked at each other and shrugged.
We met the Chees.  They are so funny!!  They are this cute old Navajo couple and they tried to teach me and Sister J some new Navajo words.  I got a few!  Who knew I would be learning another language out here!

Thursday:  We had District meeting, which was really good, and then we had free hamburgers at Thatsaburger! They were really good!  We saw Roberta again! (I love that woman!)  Then we went to the Chees again and learned how to make frybread and fed baby goats.  That was an adventure!! Our frybread that we made was REALLY good!! The baby goats are SO cute!!! You feed them with a bottle and some evaporated milk mixed with hot water.  They come running into the house and they are CRAZY!! It was like a mad house, but they all got fed and it was good.
After dinner with Elder and Sister Rogers, we went to meet this lady who was a missionary here on the reservation a few years ago.  She is an older sister, and she broke her back on her mission.  Her name is Sister D.  She is amazing!! After she broke her back, she was paralyzed from the waist down and the doctors told her that she would never walk again.  Well, she is walking.  She is so cool! She is an inspiration to me of working hard and being diligent, and then you can go back to work! I learned that since she can go back on her mission, so can I!  I cannot wait to join my brothers and sisters in the service of my God.  I love missionary work so much, and this week has proven that to me!

Friday:  We did weekly planning outside (not the best idea on my part).  Then we went to the Chees again to split wood.  If I thought my arm was hurt, well it's not anymore! I was able to chop just fine!! Sure, I didn't have as much strength to do it effectively, but I did it anyways!! But, I got really sunburned from both planning and chopping.  I guess that white girls should not be out in the sun that much.  Crazy concept I know!  We also went to a movie night that the Ward Mission Leader set up for investigators.  We watched 17 miracles.  I love that show! It gets me every time!

Saturday:  We got to see this amazing woman that the Fort Defiance elders were teaching get baptized with her 2 sons.  Oh! I forgot to mention, in this ward there are 5 sets of missionaries.  There are 2 sets of elders, 1 set of sisters, and 2 senior couples!  It has been an adventure!  Anyways, her baptism was amazing!!  She is so stellar and so ready to receive these blessings and make these covenants! She was so excited, she wanted to bear her testimony after she was baptized.  Then at 9, we found out who was getting transferred.  Unfortunately one of those missionaries getting transferred is me. ;)  There were 2 other elders in this ward that were getting transferred.  They had been here for 6 months, and so they were going to miss it a lot!  They were pretty bummed. It is interesting-here, everyone knows who their companion is going to be!  That was interesting.

Sunday:  We got to go to church and there were 2 investigators there at church!! It was awesome!! It was great to be able to partake of the sacrament.  We finalized Roberta's baptismal service after church and she is so excited to be baptized! She is so cool!! Then we had 3 dinners.  That is a record!! We went to the Chees to see if they needed help with anything, and she put us right to work making fry bread!  It was so fun!! She was making stew, and had us eat some and some fry bread before we left.  Then we went to the Ward Mission Leader's house and they had all 3 sets of missionaries there! Then we went to the Fort Defiance elder's investigator's house and ate BLT's.  I was so full after that, I think I was going to die!! 

Wellll, that's our week!! It has been one crazy adventure after another!! I love being here, but I cannot wait to return to California!! I love the people everywhere and I want to be a full time missionary again!! I am sending all my stuff to Church Headquarters probably today so that I can be back to the mission on the 13!! I really hope that everything works out this way!! I really want to go back now, but there is a process to everything!

I love you all!! Have a wonderful, spiritual week!!

Sister Haws:)

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