Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Saga in California Continues

May 19, 2014
Well, I made it back to the Sunny State!!  I left Albuquerque at 6:15 in the morning and arrived in Orange County at 8.  I had a stop in Salt Lake and got to go on the plane with all the newbies! It was fun to see how excited they were, and how much more excited I felt.  I knew I was going home.  It was beautiful.  The Mission president and his wife and the other senior couples in the office, as well as the assistants and the Lead sisters were all there to welcome us.  They started cheering, and then when Elder Orme saw me, he yelled "Sister Haws!!" and I almost lost it.  I love this mission.  President and his wife gave me warm hugs and were so happy that I made it safe, and I was too.  After my less than ideal trip home, it was nice to go without a hitch to California.  I was just so happy to be back!
We went to the mission office and took pictures and met with president, and had pizza for lunch.  Then the other missionaries went to orientation, and I took a nap.  I then helped out a little in the office, waiting for transfer meeting at 4.  Unfortunately I am not with Sister Bingham again, but I got to see her that day.  It was so good to see her.  Everyone was so kind and so welcoming.  I have made so many close friends in this mission. I love them all so much.  I felt like I was going to burst with all the love.  I love my mission. 
At transfer meeting, I found out where I was going and who I would be with.  I am with Sister Andersen, who is one of the lead sisters, and has been out a transfer more than me, and Sister Morrow, who just got there on Tuesday.  We are whitewashing into the Saddleback YSA ward, which covers the stakes of Mission Viejo and Rancho Santa Margarita.  I am so excited! This is a really good ward and the members here are super missionary minded! We have a college in our area and so we go there quite a bit!  AND I am rooming with Sister Hehl and Sister Blattner.  I don't know Sister Blattner very well, but she is a really good missionary.  Sister Hehl was in my district in Dana Point and I love her to death!
On Wednesday I got to go to a choir performance up in Irvine, at a Young Women's Recognition night, and so I got to see all the people from Woodbridge 1st and Westpark wards that I love so much! They are so amazing and I love the relationships that I made in those areas.  I love the church and I love that my mission is small enough that if I go somewhere, I have probably served there and know people that I love there.  I love choir so much!!
Friday I got to go to dinner with these two twins, the Mittleman's and their friends, the Tate's.  They are so cute! All 4 girls have their mission calls, and just got called as Ward Missionaries.  The Mittleman's actually know the Webber's and Connor really well, and so it was nice to have a connection to my friends. They are so sweet! I can't wait to work more with them. 
Something new that my mission is doing is reading 5 pages of the Book of Mormon every day in our companionships.  We are all on the same page and it is so nice to have different insights from my companions.  I love hearing their intake on different things. 
This week's scripture is Jeremiah 18:6.  Remember that you are in the Lord's hands and he is molding you into the person HE wants you to become.
I love you all!!
With love in California (again!)
Sister Haws:)
all drains lead to the ocean!!!  It's true!!

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