Thursday, July 10, 2014

Snowflakes and Christmas music..... Wait, isn't it June?????

June 30, 2014
ALOHA!! I am in a new ward!! I love it so much!! I miss my last ward a ton, but I know I am meant to be here.  I feel God's work move through me.  It is really cool.  I am now in the South Coast ward in the Newport Beach Stake.  It covers a part of Costa Mesa and a part of Santa Ana. It is really cool.  The ward is either Polynesian or Latino, so it rocks!! It also means that I don't know what anyone is saying.  I think I need to brush up on my Spanish......
I have a new companion! Her name is Sister Nambukara.  She is 22, from Sri Lanka and Indiana, went to BYU-I, and has been on her mission for 4 months.  She is so stellar.  Things are going to move forward!!
Sister Bingham is officially finished with her mission. She is done.  I am so sad, but I know that everything has to end.  Sister Hehl and I got to sing For Good at transfer meeting for her and for all those that left with her.  It was really cool.
When I walked into the apartment for the first time, all I could see was snowflakes hanging from the ceiling.  I was a little intrigued.  Apparently the sisters that were there previously didn't bother to take them down.  And for the Christmas music, well that was one of the few CD's that I had, and Sister N was cool with it, so we listen to Christmas music, like every day.  It's great:)
We set a baptismal date!! We set it with this kid named Steven.  He is 18.  His sister is the only member in his family and she is on a mission in Peru, and the other sisters contacted him and he said he wanted to know what his sister was doing, so he started meeting with them!! So cool!! I love missionary work!!
Have a great week!!
This week's scripture is 3 Nephi 18:19-20
Love you all!!
Sister Kayla Haws
Saying goodbye to Sister Bingham

Sister Nambukara
Our "frozen" apartment :)

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