Thursday, July 10, 2014

1 Year, Birthday of a nation, and a ginger... My mission is better than yours...‏

July 7, 2014 
So this week has been crazy!!  First off, I got to go on exchanges back to Saddleback on Wednesday with Sister Andersen. It was awesome! I got to be with her one on one and talk to her! I love her so much.  It was also good to see some people from my old ward.  I love that ward with all my heart.  On Thursday our choir got to practice for our really big performance that we will be having on this Thursday and Friday and it was AWESOME!!!
Friday was Independence day, obviously, and it was really fun. Our ward had a pancake breakfast at the church that we went.  We had found out the day before that one of the sisters in was previously here had signed up the missionaries to sing at the breakfast.  Of course the elders were busy and couldn't do it, and Sister Nambukara didn't really know that many patriotic songs, so I had to sing a solo.  It went well.  After the breakfast, some of the youth and other ward members set up a volleyball net and we played volleyball with them and our investigator Steven.  It was really fun.  The funny part was that Sister N and I didn't know that we were gonna be playing, so we played in our skirts... It was awesome!  After that we went to a few less active's houses and talked to them before our mission had a conference at 3.  It was really fun! We had sloppy joes (I found I like the homemade ones that don't come from a can....) and took a mission picture celebrating the one year anniversary of the creation of our mission.  Then, during the food, we had some minute to win it games that the Assistants hosted and then there were some elders that did the Haka.  It was really cool.  They did an awesome job!
After that, we went and watched the movie, The Son of God.  It was the one that came to theaters just recently.  It was interesting.  I enjoyed it.  It was pretty accurate.
After that, the choir sang President and Sister Orgill's favorite song, My Hands, and a couple other songs.  It was awesome! I love my mission so much!! I love that I am a part of a giant family.
I am so grateful to be in this country where we can celebrate freedom and I am so grateful for the men and women who sacrifice their lives for the freedom that I live.
As you can see, my birthday is this coming Friday, the 11th.  I cannot believe that I am going to be 20.  It seems just yesterday I was waiting to be 19 so I would be missionary age, and now, here I am, on my mission.  It is amazing how much time flies when you are in the endeavor of something amazing!  I love the lord!  I love that I have lived to 20 :)  I love that I am on a mission and celebrating my birthday here! What better way to celebrate it!
I love you!
Sister Kayla Haws :)

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