Sunday, October 26, 2014

Birthday, Miracles, Concert... It's a good week!!!‏

July 14, 2014

Ok, so I don't have a lot of time, but I will try to convey just how awesome this week has been!! There wasn't too much that went on in the beginning of the week, but the end was AWESOME!!!
We did get to go the temple on Tuesday and that was just awesome! I love the spirit and the peace that I feel from going to the temple, and I truly feel like Newport is MY temple. I love it with all my heart!
We got to sing with the Nashville Tribute band on Thursday and Friday and it was just awesome! I love singing with the choir and with the people that came! They were awesome!  They sing country music, so obviously I loved them!
The concert was awesome and my birthday was fun! I made muffins in the morning and cut my finger on the blueberry can (wouldn't be my birthday without a little accident).  Then we went to try to find a former investigator, but he wasn't home, then we went to lunch with a guy from our ward.  Then we went to another sisters' apartment in our mission and made frybread.  I did a pretty good job if I do say so myself:) It was really fun!  Then we went to a less active's house and she made us wait for her to buy a cake for me and so we ate cake.  There were cherries on it, and so we tried to tie the stems and I did it really fast, and then told them that I am a good kisser, even though I have no idea if that's true since I have never kissed a boy, and she was blown away.  haha I guess I am more of a rarity than I thought.  Then we went to the concert and it was so much fun! I saw the Mittleman twins, Miranda, MacKenzie, Olivia and Emily, and Mckenzie and Sorrel (they were in my last ward), and they (the mittlemans) gave me a card from them and a gift from Sister Webber.  She is so nice! I love her!  Then we sang and it was awesome! I love singing to bear my testimony.  I love being able to be in this mission.  It is so different than any other, but it is EXACTLY what I need! I love it:)
I love serving the lord!
The miracles happened all on Sunday! We went to church, and I had to leave with some sisters early so that I could go sing in the choir at a sacrament meeting, and that was awesome! It was our director's last time leading us for a performance so it was really special.  Then I get back and find out that some of the Less active members that we are working with were at church!! Yay!  And THEN, we went to see a less active member who has been a member for like 8 months, and she had her kids are all members, but her husband isn't. Well, we stopped by, and they talked to us, and then we read Alma 13 with them, and the dad sat in on the lesson!! Then I was talking to the kids, and Sister N was talking to the dad, and she was so bold! She told him that the way to bless his family and for them to be together forever, is for him to take the mission discussions.  At first he was really hesitant, but Sister N was really persistant and so he finally said yes.  He was really serious about meeting with us! It was awesome!! I love working with the Lord and the Spirit everyday!! I love the Lord!
Have a great week everyone! I love you!
Sister Haws


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