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September 15, 2014
So you know the movie Jaws? And how there is no music in there, unless they see the shark?  Well, it seems like every Saturday of week six, when the phone rings, I hear that creepy music.  And then your district leader says, "I hate to be the bearer of bad news."  And then doesn't text you again for the next 30 minutes, so you sit there wondering, "what's the bad news?  Is he getting transferred?  Is sister putnam getting transferred?  Am I getting transferred?"  All this races through your head, and you can't think, you can't breathe, all you can do is sit there praying and dying inside.  Then your district leader texts you and says, "Oh, sorry, I forgot about you.  I'm actually the bearer of good news! You're both staying!"  What? Forgotten?  What does that mean?  And then reality hits you.  Staying?  Like, really, truly staying?  And together? Is this real life?  Ah but it is!! It IS real life!! You become a new person, and the zombie is gone.  And then you crash because stress is tiring.
Some miracles for this week...
We got fed!! We actually had dinners this week! I was so happy! The ward has been a little hesitant to feed us, whether because they don't know us, or they are afraid of allergies and killing Sister Putnam, but we didn't have many dinners before.  But now we have dinners every day this week too!! I am so grateful!
We picked up a new investigator.  Her name is Ermalinda, and she is 12.  She is living with her auntie who has been a member for 2 years and just recently moved in.
Sister Putnam gave me her frozen coloring book.
I got to sing "The Spirit of God, Like a Fire is Burning" arranged by Mack Wilberg.  I love that my choir finds these arrangements that I have grown up, and I get to sing them with the Choir.  I sang How Firm a Foundation with the choir at practice this week as well.
I am staying with Sister Putnam.
I am staying in South Coast.
God is good.
Have a good week!
Sister Haws

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